Dancing Queen: 3 Pro Tips for Beginning Ballet

Starting beginning ballet can be a rewarding, exciting experience. Learning to dance is a great way to express yourself and exercise your body at the same time. 

However, starting such a complex art form can be intimidating for new dancers. If you’re wondering how to start ballet, check out these tips so you’ll be prepared to get the most out of class!

1. Anyone Can Do Beginning Ballet

Whether you’re five or fifty, anyone can take ballet. Professional ballerinas in tutus and pointe shoes doing hundreds of twirls might be intimidating, but once upon a time they didn’t know what they were doing either.

Everyone starts at the beginning. Ballet for beginners will always have the same foundation, whether the class is for kids or adults. The main difference between age groups will be how the instructor talks to you. 

Beginning ballet classes focus on learning the basic positions and terms. Once you master these, you can start more complex movements. But remember everyone learns at their own pace!

2. Warm-up Before Class… and Stretch After

One of the best tips for starting ballet is to get to class early so you can warm up before class. Ballet classes progress from small, gentle movements into bigger and more complicated phrases.

Your body will gradually warm up as you progress through the class. However, if your muscles are cold and stiff at the beginning, it will be harder for you to follow along. 

Stretching for ten to fifteen minutes before class starts will set you up for a better barre. You’re also less likely to injure yourself when you warm up first. Stretching after class is over will also reduce muscle soreness the next day. 

Ballet uses every muscle in your body. The plié exercise uses more muscles than a squat, even though the movements are similar. Warming up and cooling down will help keep those muscles safe and healthy. 

3. Be Patient

The one thing that every ballet dancer has in common is that they practice constantly. The perfect pirouette doesn’t happen overnight! The most important ballet tips are to keep practicing and to try again every time you mess up. 

Many ballet movements go against the way your body is naturally aligned. You have to turn your hips and feet outward, pull your shoulders back, and extend your limbs in every direction.

It’s normal for these positions to feel awkward when you’re first learning them. Part of beginning ballet is getting comfortable with this new style of using your body. It could be weeks or even months before ballet starts to feel comfortable.

Everyone in ballet makes mistakes. The only way to move on from beginning ballet to the next level, however, is to keep going after you make a mistake. Don’t get discouraged, and try again. 

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

The best part of beginning ballet is enjoying the movement! Don’t focus too hard on being perfect and lose sight of the joy of moving. Soon, you’ll be dancing all your cares away!

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