The Secret Sauce Of Success In Learning a second Language

Learning a second language? Then, surely, you’ve already discovered the first lesson: becoming multilingual is not easy. 

Fortunately, we’re here to teach you the second lesson: it’s actually easier than you think. Below are some secrets on how to awaken the skills you need to learn other languages. The best part is, you already have these skills within you.

Also, it can be hard to stay focused/motivated. These tips will help with this as well. More accurately, we’ll teach you how to make this difficult learning process fun so that you’ll stick with it.

The time for dragging your feet is over. Follow through by following these tips on learning multiple languages.

1. Quit Now

Statistically speaking, you’re probably going to give up before becoming multilingual. Does that make you angry? Why is that, exactly?

To be clear, it’s none of our business. Your reasons are yours alone.

The point is, you need to make a decision on whether or not you’re really going to go through with all this hard work. Decide whether or not learning a second language is truly important to you and why.

Otherwise, quit now. This is better than putting in over 100 hours of effort only to quit later.

2. Do It

So, you’ve decided to go through with it, then? That’s great!

However, it also means that your life for the next several months will be much more difficult. Becoming multilingual takes lots and lots and lots of time. You better have this time set aside in your schedule.

3. Don’t Get Discouraged

Wait, you’re reading this sentence, right? Well, that means that you’ve already learned at least one language. 

In other words, you know that you have it in you to learn a new language because you’ve already done it before. Remember this any time discouragement tries to convince you that, “You can’t.”

4. Do It Wrong


Furthermore, you didn’t become fully fluent in your native tongue on day 1, reciting poetry as you burst forth from the womb. It happened after several years and lots of mistakes. The point is, never let mistakes, even repetitive mistakes, discourage you from learning a second language.


5. Learn What You Like

Learning is inherently boring. So, inject into it some topics that interest you (motorcycles, dance, whatever).

That is, look up foreign-language content relating to those topics. If you want to know what the video/article is saying, learn the language.


6. Move to Another Country

Yes, it’s extreme. But if you’re just out of college or otherwise not tied down, then why not? Spending a couple of years abroad usually forces you to learn another language out of necessity.

7. Make Friends With Bilingual Speakers

Alternatively, chat with native Spanish speakers online or make friends with them in person. Practice speaking with them and let them correct your mistakes.

Remember These Tips When Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language is as helpful as it is satisfying, once you push through the initial learning process. If you want to experience this joy for yourself, apply these mind-blowing hacks.

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