8 Surprising Facts About Solar Panel Technology

After numerous years of political debates and solar energy development, the industry is taking over faster than ever. Solar panel technology is essential because solar power projects worldwide are helping us beat fossil fuels.

This is done on price without subsidies. Each time someone installs home solar panels, the world feels like a better place. However, many people still do not know many solar panel facts.

If you are wondering how do solar panels work and facts about solar panels, here is everything you need to know.

1. Abundant Solar Panel Technology

Solar power is the most available energy source on earth. There is always enough solar energy hitting the earth’s surface every hour throughout the day. It can easily meet all of humanity’s energy needs for an entire year.

2. Lower Costs

The price of home solar panels has dropped significantly. Many people get surprised when they hear how much it costs to install panels for a private residence.

No matter what, you can always find the best deal. However, ensure that you do your research and pick the right company to introduce solar power to your family. Check out https://blueravensolar.com/texas/arlington/ for more information.

3. Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Depending on where you are planning to harvest solar energy, it will be cheaper than fossil fuels. Solar energy can cost as little as 4.3 cents per kWh. This beats all the lumps of coal or ounces of oil and natural gas. If you want to protect the environment, solar panel science is the way to go.

4. Solar Panels Lifespan

Your home solar panels can last for up to 50 years. Although solar panels can be replaced with more efficient and newer models that are cheaper, the established site and infrastructure of a solar power plant can keep generating value for several decades.

5. China Leads Solar Power

Even though solar panel technology has made giant waves in the US, China had the most solar installations. Not long ago, China was generating up to 50 GW of solar power. This would have given enough energy to 8.2 million American homes.

6. California Leads American Solar Race

Out of all the states in the US, California is the frontrunner. No other state came close to diving into the solar industry. California is the number one in solar installations and gets around 14% of electricity from it. California’s solar market is also distributed between small rooftop systems.

7. Electricity Production

Over the years, nearly half of the electricity production capacity installed was solar. Solar panel technology is helping bring energy bills down. Not only are you helping to save the planet, but you are also saving more money in your wallet.

8. Fastest Energy

Solar is the quickest energy source we can deploy, especially when disaster strikes. For instance, if there is no other electricity source, we can quickly build one thanks to solar panel technology.

Invest in Solar Panels

Now that you have had a taste of solar panel technology, there are plenty more interesting facts you can find online. The bottom line is that solar energy is booming across the globe. This trend is not going to slow down.

Therefore, investors and homeowners should seriously consider solar energy and how solar panels work. Even if you do not own a home, you can still benefit from solar energy because there are many community projects in residential areas.

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