How to Choose the Best Pest Control Service For Your Home

16.9 billion dollars flow into the US pest control industry every year. While that may sound like a lot of money, know that every one of those dollars represents one less reason for homeowners to feel uncomfortable in their residences.

That’s because a quality pest control service quickly eliminates bugs, rodents, and other annoyances that find their way into homes and cause serious problems.

But how can one find the best pest control service in their area? There are certainly ample options to pick from, but which one is the right one?

Below, our team shares tips that should help you locate and vet pest infestation specialists quickly so you can partner up with a group you can trust!

Focus on Finding a Specialist

Do you know what kind of pest is causing you issues? If you do, don’t just look for a pest control service. Look for a pest control service that specializes in the problem you’re dealing with.

Sure, you could hire somebody that generally deals with spiders to manage your scorpion problem. But will they do as good a job as that desert-based company that only manages scorpions? Probably not.

It’s not always possible to find a specialist in your area. If one exists though, give them priority consideration.

Talk to Friends and Family Members

The people you love can be the best resource for professional referrals. With that in mind, make it a point to talk to them to see if they’ve brought on a pest control company in the past.

If a friend or family member can recommend an expert to you, take that recommendation seriously. You might come away with a special discount for being referred by a past customer.

Check Out Reviews

Not every pest control specialist is as transparent about their reputation as the folks that run the Why-U-Buggin website. Some will try to hide testimonials and instead, attempt to sway you with marketing jargon.

Don’t be fooled.

Head over to Yelp or Google and check out the pest control company you’re considering’s reviews. If a company is sporting less than a 4-star average and under 10 reviews, we recommend moving onto other options.

Get Consults and Make a Choice

Several pest control service providers offer free consults. Take advantage of those to get quotes on what you’re liable to pay for extermination packages and to assess the overall vibe of the professional you’re considering.

After getting a couple of opinions, trust your gut! Chances are, the service you go with will do an excellent job and you’ll know who to call for future problems.

There’s a Quality Pest Control Service Out There Waiting for Your Call

In our experience, several excellent pest control service providers are working out of every community. All you need to do to engage them is give them a call.

We hope our tips help you find and confidently hire the pest control help you need. If you’d like more guidance, we welcome you to explore additional content on our blog.