What to Look for When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Sitting in the dentist’s chair can be an anxiety-filled task. Even as adults, we experience hatred for going to the dentist. Chances are, your little ones are going to face the same feelings.

To make them more comfortable at the dentist, you need to find the right office. Read our guide on what to look for when choosing a pediatric dentist for tips.

An Atmosphere Fit for a Child

When looking for a pediatric dentist, you want to search for one with an atmosphere that your child will be comfortable in. The dentist is already scary enough for kids, so this is an essential consideration.

First, you can look at how the waiting room is set up. A children’s dentist may have toys and child-safe items to keep kids busy while they wait for their appointment.

Not only does this help with their lack of patience, but it can also get their mind off the fact that they are at the dentist.

Before choosing a dentist for children, have a look in the exam rooms as well. These rooms should be bright and welcoming.

Even something as simple as the dental chair should be approachable. Don’t forget to check if there is enough space for parents to sit in to ensure the comfortability of their child while at the dentist.

Friendly Staff

Now that you have discovered that an atmosphere will make your child comfortable, you can move onto the staff. Are they friendly and comforting as well?

Coming into contact with an unfriendly staff member can add extra anxiety on top of what your child may already be experiencing at the dentist. You’ll want to look for an approachable staff that wants to make the appointment more pleasant for kids.

Child-Sized Instruments

A dentist for kids varies in many ways from a dentist for adults. Perhaps, the biggest difference is the size of the instruments used.

It’s no secret that a child’s mouth is smaller than adults. Even so, the instruments a dentist uses are often overlooked.

Using too large of tools can leave your kids in pain and cause damage to their mouths. A child dental health provider should already have the right-sized tools in-house to care for your kid.

Special Training

There are qualities of a good dentist that parents will want to look for, but there are also requirements. One major requirement for a pediatric dentist is special training.

Along with finishing dental school, a pediatric dentist needs an extra two or three years of training to learn how to work with kids specifically.

During this time, they will learn to keep children comfortable and work with smaller mouths. They will also be trained on the behaviors of children.

You can check for this unique qualification on a pediatric dentist’s website or by asking for proof.

Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist

Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child may take some trial and error. However, most pediatric dentists are aware of the fear your children may have and, therefore, work extra hard to make them comfortable.

Find a dentist that offers a consultation where your child can get comfortable sitting in the dentist chair and meeting the staff. When they come in for a real appointment, they won’t be as fearful.

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