5 Top Tips for Business Signage Design

Did you know that the correct signage can increase a customer’s purchase amount by 30%? This sales boost means getting the right signage is imperative, either for physical or digital signs. All you need to know is how to get that design perfect. 

The correct sign needs to be clear and bold while managing to attract attention and showcase your brand. Read on as we discuss the five top tips for company signage. 

1. Choose Colors Correctly

Colors are one of the most important advertising tools, as they have very important psychology behind them. Red signifies excitement and danger for example, while blue shows trust and loyalty. Get your colors wrong and you can give the wrong impressions of your business. 

Write a list of words that sum up your brand or mission statement. Match them to the correct colors, playing with shades and combinations you like. Avoid the use of any fashionable, trendy colors that may date quickly. 

2. Use Clear Fonts

The best logo design will allow your brand and its name to be immediately visible. If not, people may struggle to see who and what your company does. At the same time, you also need to attract attention to the sign itself. 

Start by using clear fonts, and sticking to one or two fonts maximum. Use the contrast between the colors of the text and background, so the lettering is easily visible. This will allow outdoor business signs to remain clear from a long way off. 

3. Use the Right Shapes

Just like colors, shapes can also impact the message you send to clients. Think how different outdoor business signs that use clean, squared lines would be, to one that used a comic-style speech bubble.

A good signage design company will be able to find the shapes that best suit your mission. In addition, they will know how to lay them out to create the best impression and message. 

4. Brand Identity

Finally, all of these design elements should align to give some indication as to your brand identity. This will play a huge part in your overall marketing campaign. Getting it wrong could leave people confused as to what you actually do. 

Write down the characteristics of your company, just as you did when you chose the colors. The best signage service should be able to come up with something that reflects these characteristics.

5. Be Bold in Your Company Signage

Being bold does not mean being busy. In fact, some of the boldest signs are the simplest. If you do not adopt a bold sign, then you will fail to attract the attention your desire. 

You may have to adapt the chosen fonts or cut down on other elements to increase the bold statement of your sign. Throughout, work on increasing its legibility. 

Find a Great Signage Company

When finding a company signage firm, do not be afraid to shop around. Check online reviews and ask others for advice. Do not be afraid to visit them for an informal chat and see what they can do for you. 

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