The Different Types of Websites: A Simple Guide

Does your business have a website? Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone that can access the internet. Most households have at least one computer or laptop, too.

If you don’t have one, you might be missing out on some potential customers. There are many types of websites, so start by choosing the best one for your business. Don’t know where to start? 

Keep reading to find out 5 kinds of websites. 

1. Magazine and News

Do you run a publication, like a magazine or newspaper? One of the best website options for your company will be an online news outlet. 

Most online news publications include digital versions of their paper copies, as well as online-only reads. Your website can share all sorts of news or niche interests – the choice is yours!

The design of this type is often simple. The content is the main focus, so the look should not distract from it. 

2. Portfolio

Artists often have to show their work to potential employers and clients. A digital way to do so is with an online portfolio website. It’s viewable from anywhere, which is more convenient than carrying around an old-school one.

When it comes to portfolios, the best website is minimal. It must display the artistic professional‘s work and their contact information. 

3. E-Commerce

Are you selling goods? Take them online! Building a website suited for e-commerce is in your best interest. 

On an e-commerce website, customers can browse and purchase products. This is one of the types of websites that can process payments, too. Update an e-commerce site often so customers can view up-to-date inventory.

4. Blog

One of the most popular kinds of websites lately is a blog. They’re often personal, but blogs can also be part of professional business websites. 

By including a blog on your website, you will connect with more customers. You can publish casual content or some expert advice. Write about whatever you feel fits your brand!

With a consistent blog, you’ll have an endless stream of social media content, too. Gather your caption or picture inspiration from the subject of your latest blog.

5. Social Media

A younger, more current website design style is for social media. Use it for connecting and networking with others. You’ll reach new audiences across the globe. 

Set up an account on an existing social media website and engage with users on it. Post new content frequently to keep attracting fresh faces. Don’t forget to add links to any social media accounts on your main business website.

If you’re feeling ambitious, build your own social media website. It might become the next best thing!

Which Types of Websites Do You Prefer?

So, out of those types of websites, which one do you prefer? When building a website, you must choose one that suits your business’s needs and your tastes.  

One thing to remember is that business websites can combine multiple types in one. So if you’re stuck between any, consider mixing them. You can always experiment before making any commitments.

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