Marketing Management Agency: What Is It?

Marketing agencies are popping up all over. You’ll find small niche marketing companies focusing on one area of marketing. Other large full-service marketing providers offer a range of skills in all areas of marketing.

The primary goal of every marketing agency is to promote the brand, products, and services of a company.

How does this relate to marketing management?

Marketing management is the tools, strategies, and analyses a marketing agency or team uses to promote a brand or business. The purpose of these tools is to find opportunities to connect and grow a business in a target market. To do this, businesses need marketing managers and marketing management agencies. 

Marketing Management Breakdown

Marketing management involves advertising a business’s brand across different platforms. The goal is to reach more potential customers. Marketing management also considers past marketing campaigns and current industry trends to craft effective marketing plans.

Many agencies are specializing in different areas of marketing. Popular agencies focus on one or several of these areas:

  • Search engine optimization or SEO
  • Social media advertising and management
  • Wed design and development
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Pay-per-click or PPC

A PPC management agency uses online advertising to drive users to a particular website and only pays when a user clicks on the ad. SEO marketing focuses on optimizing websites so they appear near the top of a search engine’s results page. Digital marketing agencies work with all online channels to deliver their campaigns and content.

Each type of marketing offers a unique service promoting a brand to a larger audience. A larger audience means a greater chance of ROI and growing a business.

What Marketing Management Jobs Can You Find?

With so many different areas in marketing, there are many marketing manager jobs to fit every different area.

The marketing director oversees the entire marketing agency or team. Some agencies have several managers to lead different areas. These areas include copywriting, analytics, digital advertising, graphic design, copywriting, web design, and more.

Let’s explore a few of the major roles you’ll find in a marketing agency.

A digital marketing manager is in charge of online marketing strategies for the business or its clients. They oversee the development of the strategy and ensure every aspect of it runs smoothly.

The product marketing manager focuses on crafting effective marketing programs and messaging about a business’s products. Their goal is to create a demand for the products. A successful product marketing manager will create shorter sales cycles and boost revenue.

Digital marketing managers focus on promoting a business’s brand and products online. This includes everything you see online, such as social media advertising, PPC marketing, analytics, and web design. Their goal is to use digital platforms to market a business.

Beyond these main marketing management roles, you’ll find niche marketing managers in the content creation area. This includes graphic designers, copywriters, and a few others. Depending on the size of the marketing agency, many marketing professionals have many roles.

The more skills you gain in marketing will make you a more desirable candidate. Both agencies and businesses prefer working with those who have a diverse marketing skillset.

Desirable Marketing Management Skills

Speaking of skillsets, what skills do successful marketing managers have? With today’s marketing environment constantly evolving, marketing managers need to be innovative, adaptable, and continuously learning the latest industry trends. Besides soft skills, marketing managers need to be experts in a few other areas:

Content Management

The ability to develop, oversee, and publish quality content is a key skill all marketing managers must-have. This skill involves crafting content that is engaging and credible to inspire existing and potential customers to want to learn more. From there, marketing managers must be able to optimize the content for multiple online channels including social media, email, and PPC.

Analytics and Tech Tools

Analytics tools track, measure, and analyze the digital activity of your online marketing campaigns. They give marketing managers insight into what campaigns are working well and how viewers interact with your content. Knowing how to use these tools will help you and your team create better campaigns based on what has and hasn’t worked in the past.

Social Media

Social media platforms are great channels for reaching large diverse audiences. Crafting effective content on social media involves knowing what content engages people, the best times to post, and which platforms work best for a particular brand. Marketing and digital managers need a deep understanding of each social platform. 


Possessing SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) skills is only one part of this skill. Marketing managers need to share these skills with their marketing team while keeping up with the constant changes in the SEO and SEM worlds.

UX Design 

The layout and design of a brand’s website affect how a potential customer will perceive a brand. UX (user experience) design skills are necessary to ensure a website is easy to navigate, understand, and use. The better the UX, the likelier a potential customer is to interact with the brand.

These are a few of the necessary skills every successful marketing manager should have. The more skills you have as a marketing manager, the more successful you’ll be.

Marketing Manager Salary and Job Outlook

The demand for talented marketing managers is rising. Businesses need unique ways to set their products and services apart from their competitors. Businesses are also looking for those with higher education and job experience.

The average marketing management salary is over $130,000 per year.  

Despite the growing availability of jobs, competition for marketing management positions will be strong. To become a more desirable candidate, you’ll need to keep honing your existing skills and learn new skills. Online classes, webinars, and tutorials are great ways to keep up with your marketing management skills.

Is Marketing Management Right for You?

Marketing management is an exciting career with a growing job market. Marketing is an integral part of nearly every industry. If you’re innovative, creative, and resourceful, then marketing management is the right career for you!

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