How Can Custom Packaging Help Your Business?

When it comes to e-commerce, you have an incredible opportunity to sell to millions around the country. However, you are also faced with thousands of other companies who may be providing very similar products.

When it comes to competing and thriving in the current e-commerce landscape, customer experience is everything. It encompasses every interaction your customers, or potential customers, have with your brand.

This includes your website, your social media channels, your ads, and emails. The final touchpoint a customer has with your brand before seeing and using your product is your custom packaging (if you have it). This includes both the box your product was shipped in and the packaging of the product inside.

Does it wow? Or is it bland? If the experience the customer had opened their package wasn’t exciting, they’ll look to your competitors for a more positive experience.

Wondering why you need custom product packaging and how to get it? Keep reading to find out.

Why You Need Custom Packaging Solutions

There are thousands of companies who know how to wow their customers. Think of Apple. Have you ever unboxed an Apple product, such as an iPhone or Macbook?

It’s an almost spiritual experience, as their packaging is beautifully designed. People love that experience and will continue to buy from Apple, knowing they’ll have it again.

You might not have the budget that Apple does, but any business that sells products online can afford the basics; custom packaging supplies.

You have to buy boxes, tape, and other shipping supplies as it is. You might as well spend a little bit extra to get unique, custom packaging that will impress your customers.

Doing so will put you ahead of most of your competitors who are too lazy or cheap to invest in the customer experience.

Types of Custom Packaging

There are multiple aspects of customized packaging you need to consider for your business. The first thing your customers will see is the box your product is shipped in.

Most companies that ship products use standard brown boxes or mail carrier provided boxes. These are meant for individuals shipping products to their family members.

Businesses who prioritize e-commerce need to have custom packaging boxes. At a minimum, your logo needs to be printed on the box. Bonus points if you design graphics specifically for your box. 

You can also get custom packaging tape to seal your boxes with to add to the fun. Printing an uplifting message on the inside panel of the box adds depth to the unboxing experience, and often leads to photos shared on social media.

Find a corrugated manufacturer who can work with you to create the custom shipping boxes your brand needs.

What you include inside the package, aside from the product, is also part of the unboxing experience. This can include a well-designed postcard to inspire the customer, a sticker, a coupon code, a magnet, or anything else that makes sense for your business.

Then you have the packaging of the product itself. Whether it’s a pair of socks, a custom made piece of decor, or anything else, work with your manufacturer to create unique packaging that will wow your customers. 

Custom Packaging Is a Must-Have

When you impress your customers, they will be more likely to purchase from you again. If they have a great experience, they’ll want to continue to receive that experience.

On top of that, they’ll tell their friends and share photos on social media. Custom packaging can go a long way to grow your business for you. It’s absolutely worth the small investment.

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