5 Airport Tips to Make Flying Way Easier

Are you flying soon?

Whether or not you’ve ever been in an airport before, you probably want to know how to make your journey a little easier. Flying can be stressful, and many passengers have to know how to navigate the airport and get where they need to go.

So what are some airport tips that will get you through your journey? How can you arrive at your destination without stressors?

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for a flight!

1. Know Your Itinerary

Want to know the best airport tips for having a great flight?

Before you get to the airport, review your flight itinerary.

First, know through which airports you are traveling. Often, even if you are going to a specific destination, you will have to stop in a different city, get off the plane, and go to a new gate to board a new one.

Check what time each of your planes lands in these airports, then see what time your next plane takes off. This will give you an idea of how much time you have to navigate between flights.

2. Know How to Navigate the Airports

Often, you can find maps of any given airport online. This will show you the layouts of each terminal and show you where to locate inter-terminal transportation. 

Map out where you will need to go and note how much time you have to get there. If you are unsure about which terminal your plane will land or take off, phone the airport.

3. Know the Airport’s Rules

Each airport has rules for what can and cannot go on a plane. 

Liquids and gels over 3.4 ounces will not be allowed in your carry on, and certain items cannot be taken at all. Some items, such as ammunition, can be placed in your checked baggage with certain precautions.

Fortunately, all airports in the United States have the same rules. If your journey takes you to several different countries, familiarize yourself with the rules in each country.

4. Arrive with Plenty of Time to Spare

Don’t push arriving at the airport off until the last minute. For domestic flights, show up 2 hours early, and for international flights, come 3 hours before your scheduled flight.


Getting to the airport earlier gives you the time needed to stand in any unexpectedly long lines. You also won’t be rushing, giving you a more peaceful experience.

5. Know Where You’ll Park Ahead of Time

Do you need somewhere to park your car while you’re gone?

Airport parking consists of lots where, for a price, you can park your vehicle. Research the prices and locations of these lots so that you don’t have difficulty finding one on the day of your flight.

Need parking? Try these services.

Liked These Airport Tips?

If you follow these airport tips, you’ll be more ready for your next flight.

Navigating airports can be stressful. Yet, your flight doesn’t to be an anxiety-inducing experience. By following the advice above, you’re more likely to have a great journey.

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