Diffuser vs. Candle: Which Is a More Healthy Choice?

Fragrances can change and affect the mood that the room gives off. Those in it would find it relaxing and calming after using the right scent. To make this possible, you have essential oils and scented candles to set the mood or to enhance the experience that you would have in one place.

Between diffusers and candles, picking which works best for aromatherapy might seem like a matter of preference. Today, we will look at which option proves to be the healthier choice in this diffuser vs. candle comparison. We will take note of the categories that they shine in and see which ones provide better results.

1. Safety

When comparing burning candles vs diffusing essential oils, one of the aspects you should look to is how safe they are for use. Both offer ease of use, but that changes when you factor in safety.

For candles, this is one of its pitfalls as a clumsy mistake can cause a candle to fall on something and turn into a fire hazard. Imagine a cat toppling the candle or a slight slip causing the candle to fall on something flammable. There is also the other risk posed by hot wax.

For diffusers, you have the means to disperse the aromatic oil in the air. You don’t have to light or kindle anything to get the scent to spread.

2. Effectiveness for Aromatherapy and Health

In this aspect, both have varying effects as they both deliver that same purpose. Essential oils boast of having organic materials concentrated in oil form. This is what brings its effectiveness and health factor to its best form.

For this reason, essential oils tend to stand out with this aspect. Depending on the type of oil, it would need hundreds or thousands of plants to get one pound of oil. It would seem that the candle vs diffuser argument would tilt in favor of essential oils.

Using candles works well in its own unique ways. As candles come in varying types, you have a variety of scents and materials to choose from to your liking. Soy wax candles stand out for being a healthy choice due to how it does not produce soot.

Either way, both the diffuser and the candle provide a great effect in helping you relax and meditate. You can put the diffuser in any section of a room to see its effects. Meanwhile, you get to see a candle in action as you light it.

3. Costs

The cost and accessibility would be a factor in choosing. Diffusers offer more, but they also cost a bit more.

Candles, on the other hand, are a bit more accessible and you can pick up the ones that you need. You have a lot of options to go with and other means to use. For instance, you can try out these candles in glass jars.

Diffuser vs. Candle: Which to Choose?

At the end of this diffuser vs. candle comparison, it boils down to preference. Both of these offer a great means to help you relax and relieve stress. They also work as great options for aromatherapy.

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