5 Clear Signs It’s Time You Need a New Car

Parting ways with your first car can be a difficult decision. Sometimes we want to hold onto the memories. 

When you need a new car it’s obvious. It’s proven that vehicles without payments are held onto longer than others. 

The vehicles with 350,000 plus miles, rust spots, and plenty of other functional issues should be ditched. But when are the other signs of a broken car obvious enough to make a change?

Here are five clear signs it’s time you need a new car.

1. Money Dumping

Are you overspending to keep your vehicle on the road? 

An occasional breakdown is expected with any car. New or old there are general maintenance issues that occur with increased mileage. 

There’s a difference between your car needed minor help and breaking down often enough to spend more than the car is worth. It’s one of the telltale signs your car is too old. 

Quit spending money on issues that are unfixable in the long run.

2. Safety Concerns

The longer you wait to realize you need a new car the more your safety is a concern. 

Unfixable care issues result in an unreliable and prone to malfunctioning vehicle. Older cars don’t have the safety features newer vehicles do when they begin to deteriorate. 

Side airbags, electronic stability control, blind-spot monitoring, the list goes on. If you’re uneasy driving your car consider selling a car for junk. 

3. Declining Fuel Economy

Finding yourself at the gas pump more than usual? This could be one of the signs a car is declining. 

You’ll notice dips in your fuel economy as your vehicle ages. If you’re at a certain mark at one point and dip below the standard, take a look at your car. There shouldn’t be much of a change when it comes to miles per gallon driving in the city or highway. 

4. Failed Emissions Test

To get a new registration you’ll need to pass an emissions test. 

A failing emissions test tells the tale you won’t admit. Your car is declining. 

If an emissions test is what’s keeping you off the road, invest in a new vehicle. If your car is old enough you can even consider a plan to junk my car. Save yourself the headache of selling a vehicle than can’t pass an emissions test. 

5. I Need a New Car

”I need a new car.” 

Yes, we all say it to ourselves at some point. Perhaps one of the best times to get a new car is when you’re comfortable admitting it to yourself. 

This could be because of a slew of reasons. Maybe it’s a major life change that pushes you to get rid of the two-seater for a family-focused vehicle. 

Whatever the thought process may be, invest in your future while you can.

It’s Time to Switch

With all these evident car issues, you’ll know when you need a new car.

Don’t risk the safety of your passengers, waste money, or ride out unfixable car issues. Making a switch is simple, you just need the information to back up your decision. 

If you’re struggling with other concerns, automotive or not, keep reading our other blogs. There’s plenty of more consumer tips and advice.