5 Pieces of Equipment That Are Crucial For Your Home Gym

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Americans say they are isolating themselves at home?

If you’re one of the many Americans who are in self-quarantine because of COVID-19, then you probably miss going to the gym. However, why go to the gym when you can bring the gym to you?

Are you wondering what you need for a home gym? Keep reading to make sure your home gym is stocked with this must have gym equipment.

1. A Bench Press

The bench press is perhaps the most iconic piece of gym equipment. Not only can you bench press with it but you can also use it for a multitude of other exercises. For instance, you can grip one side and do dips or grip the end of it for inclined push-ups. The possibilities are almost endless.

If you get an adjustable bench, then you’ll be able to do even more, such as decline presses.

2. A Pull-Up Bar

While a whole pull-up set might be too bulky for your home, you can easily attach a pull-up bar to a sturdy doorframe. 

Pull-ups and chin-ups are essential for increasing your upper-body strength and toning back muscles, among other benefits.

Just be sure to get a quality pull-bar that won’t damage your doorframe.

3. A Treadmill

A treadmill is a piece of home gym equipment that’s absolutely essential for cardio.

Chances are your house isn’t big enough to run around in. Rather, a treadmill will allow you to run at just about any speed while enjoying television or even reading a book.

If you want a cardio machine with less impact on the joints, then you should consider getting an elliptical instead. Whatever you need, Fitness Town is sure to have it in stock.

4. A Set of Dumbbells

When it comes to must-have equipment for a home gym, you can’t be without a dumbbell set. This is another iconic piece of equipment that’s great for working out the biceps, but that’s not all.

Dumbbells can be used to work out triceps, add resistance to ab workouts, and more.

5. A Rowing Machine

When it comes to the question of what you need for your gym, you can’t forget a rowing machine.

Your treadmill will focus on your lower body as you get cardio but a rowing machine focuses on your upper body, increasing your arm and back strength. Having these two machines in your home gym will allow you to mix up your cardio routine while focusing on the body parts that need to be pumped up and letting the other parts rest.

Ready to Use This Must Have Gym Equipment?

Now that you’ve learned all about the must have gym equipment that your home gym needs, you can have the best workouts every day.

Gone are the days of driving back and forth to the gym, waiting to use popular equipment, and dealing with smelly locker rooms.

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