How to Find a Piano Instructor You Get Along With

Learning a new instrument can result in tons of healthy benefits, from improving your memory, to enhancing coordination, boosting comprehension skills, and more.

The piano is an excellent choice for both skilled musicians and beginners.

Compared to wind or brass instruments that require learning multiple skills at once, or complicated string instruments, the piano is relatively easy to learn. There are also countless styles of music that can be played on a piano, from popular pop songs to classical tunes.

But the key to learning how to play is finding the right piano instructor. If you’re ready to learn how to play, keep reading to learn a few tips on finding the right instructor for you.

It’s About More Than Credentials

Plenty of instructors will have impressive credentials, like degrees in music or experience playing professionally.

But while these credentials may make them an excellent musician, they don’t necessarily mean that the individual will make a great instructor.

Avoid Online Lessons

Apps and websites designed to help you learn to play an instrument right from your laptop screen seem convenient. But trying to learn a new instrument without an instructor there to guide you is never a good idea.

Instead, search for lessons taught in person by local instructors, like Chatalbash Lessons.

Ask About Music and Teaching Styles

With so many different music styles out there, you have the freedom to find a style that matches your own personal style.

If you have a piano style in mind prior to starting lessons, make sure that you’re asking potential piano instructors whether they can teach that particular style.

For instance, an instructor who specializes in classical piano may not be able to teach you the skills you need to learn how to play jazz or pop tunes.

If you can’t find one who specializes in that style, look for an instructor who plays and teaches multiple styles, and ask if they can teach the style you’re thinking of.

Get a First Impression or Ask for a Trial Lesson

Meeting a potential instructor before signing a long-term contract can be a great way to ensure that you’re making the right choice.

You’ll be spending several hours a month with this instructor. Even if they are an excellent musician, if your personalities don’t work well together, those lessons will be awkward and long.

You wouldn’t trust a chiropractor to start realigning your back without talking with them first or reading reviews. You shouldn’t choose a piano instructor without making sure that you can work with them first.

To help make sure that you stick with your lessons for the long run, meet any potential instructors before you sign up. Ask about a trial lesson, or at least the ability to pay lesson to lesson rather than a monthly fee.

Find the Right Piano Instructor for You Today

Choosing the right piano instructor can be a challenge. You’ll be left sifting through websites, looking for the right style, an instructor in your area, or one in your price range.

Lucky for you, our database makes it easy to search for instructors in your area. You’ll get quick access to details and contact information that can make your search fast and simple. Start searching for instructors in your area today!

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