Which Telltale Signs Say You Will Make a Good Human Resources Manager?

Congrats! You have just led your company to success, but how did you do it? By being a great human resources manager of course.

Yes, this is just a hypothetical, but it could be you. If you think you can become a human resources manager, check out this guide to see what it takes:

Quick Decision Making

If you are quick on your feet when it comes to making decisions, you could be a great human resources manager.

This ability is beneficial when there is any type of conflict. This could include a conflict between employees or clients. Putting an end to the conflict quickly should be the goal.


As an HR manager, you are a leader. All leaders must display certain traits, and integrity is one of them.

Honesty and frankness are two key characteristics of a great HR director. Your employees should never doubt your integrity.


If you have issues with displaying authority, you will not be a good HR manager. When looking for skills for human resources, the authority has to be one of them.

Without displaying authority, you cannot influence your employees. Your employees will end up doing whatever they want whenever they want.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility means a business should be acting in a way that society approves of. A great human resources manager will have a sense of social responsibility.

This trait also includes encouraging employees to stick with social responsibility too.

Communication Skills

One of the most notable qualities of a manager is communication skills.

You need to understand how to communicate with all employees. After all, the role of an HR manager involves communicating with all employees, including those in management.


To be successful as an HR manager, you need to know the industry and job functions. You should have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree to truly be successful.

You should be keeping up with the latest trends, best practices, and ethics. With expertise and knowledge, you can lead your company to success.

Multitasking Ability

The workday of an HR manager is never boring because there is always something to do. One minute you are dealing with a personal complaint, and the next minute you are answering an employee question.

The constant issues you deal with is why you need to be a great multitasker. A big task for a human resource manager is hiring people. You will be doing a variety of different things throughout the day.

SPHRi Exam

The human resources SPHRi exam can certify HR professionals working outside of the United States. The exam is administered by the HR Certification Institute.

This computer-based exam has preparatory classes for those wishing to take it. You can validate your HR level with this exam.

Become a Human Resources Manager

If you have all of these qualities, you could become a great human resources manager. Take your company to the next level with all of your skills. You can do this!

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