Household Organizing Ideas: How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Living in a cluttered, unorganized home could cause your cortisol levels to skyrocket. Increased cortisol levels (the stress hormone) could impact your sleep, lead to obesity, and impact your overall health. Instead of living in a cluttered mess, consider it time to get organized!

Here are the five household organizing ideas you need to succeed. With these five tips, you can learn how to keep a clean home. As a result, you can minimize your stress level and focus on what matters in life.

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1. Organize One Room at a Time

On an average day, 22% of men and 50% of women report doing housework such as laundry and cleaning. The average American spends about an hour daily cleaning their home. By organizing one room each day, you can break apart your organizing regimen so it’s easier to manage.

That means less stress on you!


Grime can build up in your bathroom over time. When left unmanaged, you could even develop mold, which can cause major health issues down the road. Learning how to declutter and organize your bathroom can help you keep it clean.

First, make sure to clean the sink. Try to remove as many items from your countertops as you can. Keeping items in drawers and cabinets can keep dust from collecting.

Next, scrub the shower, tub, and toilet. You can use a DIY cleaner made from dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and baking soda for an all-natural clean.

Don’t forget to mop the floors and wipe away water spots on the mirror, too!

Otherwise, make sure to empty the trash, replace your towels with a clean set, and tidy up the drawers!


The best way to keep everyone’s bedroom clean is to utilize storage space as much as possible. We’ve added a few tips below to help you create more space throughout your home.

To keep your room clean regularly, make these household organizing ideas a daily habit:

  • Make the bed first thing in the morning
  • Fold any extra blankets and throws
  • Dust nightstands, shelves, and desks
  • Vacuum the floor and rugs

Make sure to clean your closet regularly, too. A cluttered closet can only get more difficult to manage with time. Try:

  • Removing and donating clothes that don’t fit or you no longer wear
  • Using storage bins for seasonal clothing items
  • Wiping down dust in the closet
  • Mending clothes with holes

Don’t forget to put fresh linens on your bed to refresh the room.


For some people, the kitchen is the most difficult room to keep clean. If you want to learn how to keep a clean home, you’ll need to get the entire family involved. Otherwise, one person might cause a major mess you’ll find it’s your responsibility to clean up.

Give at least 20 minutes a day to cleaning your kitchen. Make sure to clean up after each meal, too. That way, your kitchen remains clean when it’s not in use.

That includes washing dirty dishes and putting clean dishes away as soon as possible! Otherwise:

  • Clear away items that don’t belong on the counter
  • Wipe down the countertops, sink, and appliances
  • Clean the oven and stovetop
  • Clean inside and outside the refrigerator
  • Throw out food that’s gone bad
  • Wipe the kitchen table down
  • Heat a bowl of vinegar and half a lemon inside the microwave for 10 minutes
  • Organize the pantry, cabinets, and drawers

Don’t let the trash linger. Instead, take it out as soon as possible to avoid smelling up your kitchen.

2. Put It Away

If you want to learn how to be more organized at home, you need to pick up on your bad habits. For example, many people grab an item, use it, and then leave it unattended. Instead, make sure to put belongings away each time you use them.

That way, you’ll know exactly where they are when you need them.

This time can also help you reduce clutter throughout your home, which will keep dust at bay. These tips from can help you keep your home tidy, too.

3. Stick to a Schedule

As you start using these tips, make sure to stick to a schedule. It’s not enough to declutter once. Instead, you need to make a regular effort to keep your home in the best possible shape year-round. 

Make sure to start the day off by making your bed. Starting the day off with one small decluttering task can help you continue the day with the same mentality.

Otherwise, make sure to clean as you cook. Throw away food scraps or packaging as you use them. While food cooks in the oven, try to wash what you’ve used.

Cleaning as you cook will minimize how long it takes for you to clean up the kitchen after each meal.

Make sure to clean messes as they occur, too. Otherwise, the stain will set, making it more difficult to clean later.

4. Add Storage Space

One of the best ways to learn how to keep a clean home is to add storage space everywhere.

For starters, look for furniture that has hollow space you can use for storage. Add a mail carrier to the front of your house or office, too.

Next, look for storage space that rolls. For example, you can find a shelf on wheels you can tuck beneath the bed for extra space.

For the bedroom, consider using a shoe rack that extends from the ceiling to floor. Invest in drawer organizers as well to minimize clutter.

Finding creative ways to organize your possessions will help keep your house clean and clutter-free!

5. Don’t Go to Bed With a Mess

Above all else, make sure you don’t go to bed with a mess around. Going to bed with a mess can cause you unnecessary stress. Instead, use these decluttering tips throughout the day.

Keep It Neat: 5 Easy Household Organizing Ideas for a Cleaner Home

Keep your cortisol levels down! With these easy household organizing ideas, you can keep your home clean and comfortable year-round. Clean up the mess and de-stress with these easy tips.

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