5 Benefits of Full Body Massages That Might Surprise You

Many people consider getting a massage as a guilty pleasure. But, they offer benefits that surpass hedonism.

Full body massages provide a number of wellness benefits that make them more of a need than a want. Do you know all of the benefits that massages provide?

Relax and enjoy your massage knowing it will do your body good. Keep reading to learn 5 awesome wellness benefits of getting a massage.

1. Pain Relief

Suffering from muscle pain can seriously affect everything from social life to work. Fortunately, getting a massage may help get you back to your normal routine through a few pain-relieving mechanisms.

By rubbing and applying pressure, the masseuse reaches the root of your pain. The pressure relaxes tight muscles, releasing tension and easing the pain that you feel. It also pushes through fluids that cause inflammation, which elicits pain.

Massage also presses pressure points that help to close up the pain gate. This means that it targets competing receptors on the muscles to essentially cancel out the pain signal.

2. Mood Booster

Getting a massage does not only create physical healing. It will make you feel happier.

As it does so, it also relieves feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Massages work almost like prescription medication for those conditions.

The skin to skin contact and deep tissue pressure creates a chemical cocktail of feel-good endorphins within your body. The release of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin will naturally regulate your mood and potentially treat imbalances causing underlying mental health conditions. 

3. Improved Circulation

The pressure and movement along the body during a therapeutic massage revs up circulation. It physically pushes blood through the veins, which is especially important in parts of the body where it may become stagnant.

As blood circulates, it carries oxygen and nutrients to all of the cells. This not only eases pain but also facilitates real healing of damaged tissues.

Improved circulation actually lowers blood pressure and decreases the workload for your heart. This helps in preventing heart disease and allowing you to live a longer, healthier life.

4. Detoxification

In the same way that a massage gets the blood circulating, it also helps lymph flow through the body. Your lymph fluid collects all of the foreign invaders, like bacteria, viruses, and toxins, that the white blood cells attack and remove.

As the lymph fluid flows, your immune system gets a boost so you can better fight off illness. It also allows you to clear the toxins with your urine, which is why you should drink plenty of water following your massage.

5. Skin Glow

Massage therapy comes with a desirable side effect. It will give your skin a beautiful glow! 

This happens from the inside as increased blood flow promotes skin cell health and heals skin conditions. On the outside, massages exfoliate dead skin cells o the new ones glow through.

Take Advantage of Full Body Massages

Full body massages offer too many health benefits to pass up! Learn where you can get a massage nearby and enjoy it!

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