Marketing 101 for a Water Filtration Business: How to Build a Brand

Let’s say you saw an ad for a new grocery store that was opening up a couple of blocks away from your house. Problem is, the store is advertising themselves like they were a theme park, talking all about the fun you’ll have and special events and not all about their deals or the quality of their food.

You wouldn’t want to go to the store, right? If a business misbrands or advertises itself poorly, it will drive away the customers they need. But how does this apply to the business of water filtration?

Well, we’ve got the answer for you. Prepare for amazement as we tell you all about marketing 101 for water filtration businesses and how to build your brand! So without further ado, let’s get started.

Find Your Customer

The first step your business should take is figuring out who your company is going to market to. While it’s tempting to go for the approach of advertising to every audience, you’ll find more success if you isolate a specific audience for your business (like restaurants or people’s homes).

This is because when you narrow down your scope, you’re reducing the amount of direct competition you face from every brand in the filtration game to the filtration brands that market to your audience. Besides, it allows you to save resources and have an altogether stronger marketing force. After all, now you’re not wasting time and money advertising to people who aren’t interested.

It’s critical to establish a network in your local area as well, especially if you’re a small business. Participate in events like giveaways of branded merchandise and sponsor local events (races, charity stuff, etc.). Coupons or special discounts for your filtration services are more great ideas if they are more your speed.

The more you interact with the people around you, the more your brand awareness builds and the more trust your consumers have in you. 

Hone Your Sales Pitch

Another vital step for marketing a small business is to figure out what points about your product to place the most emphasis on. For water filtration, one of your potential avenues is the taste of the water. Pitch how a strong water filtration system removes the gross, chlorine-filled taste of tap water to provide clean, crisp water that’s a delight to drink (this is especially pertinent with restaurants). 

While on the topic of water quality, consider emphasizing the safety it provides. Focus less on scaring your customer into buying and more into showing that your water is more secure than Fort Knox. Marketing the environmental benefit (drink filtered water over disposable spring water bottles) helps to draw in a younger crowd too.

If you’re aiming towards people’s new homes, you can even market your water filtration as ways to add customization and flavor to their house. Customers are more likely to have a positive impression of your filtration if you pitch it as a way to make the house their own.

Make sure to give your pitch a few test runs before you “premiere” it. It will help you adapt to what customers are responding well to and what they aren’t.

Marketing 101 in 2020: Get Online Now

Let’s face it. If you don’t have an online presence with your business in this day and age, you’re dead in the water.

The first step is to create a website for your business. Whether you use a site builder like Wix or contract an outside company to build the site for you, you need somewhere to serve as the “home base” for your water filtration company on the Internet.

While building the website, make sure to make it accessible to smartphones as well. With about 3/4 of the human population projected to access the Internet with only a smartphone by 2025, it’s a market you can’t afford to skimp out on.

You’ll also want to pay attention to tailoring your site for maximum SEO (or search engine optimization) to give you a large presence on Google and the like.

Once the website’s done, expand out to social media. A Facebook page is mandatory at least in this day and age and helps to connect your company with the older generations. If you’re aiming younger, hitting the more current social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are where you want to go.

Finally, try to hop on board the email marketing train if you can. Giving customers active reminders of your service keeps you int heir mind and increases the chances they come to you when they need a water filtration system.

Your Brand Is Your Life

If you take nothing else away from this article, remember that branding is everything. Companies stick around in the public consciousness by establishing a pattern of familiar branding.

Think of the McDonald’s logo for example. If that yellow M wasn’t plastered on everything McDonald’s does, do you think it would be as recognizable as it is today?

Once your branding campaign goes out, make sure to keep up to date on the public perception of your brand as well. One of the worst mistakes a small business can make when starting is to start a branding campaign and then kick their heels up, expecting money to pour in.

Search the web for what people are saying about your company, and pay attention to the analytics of your marketing to see what works and what doesn’t. Failing to keep up with these trends will lead to a massive deficit in money and time down the road to correct it.

The Best Like No One Ever Was

And there you have it! You know all about marketing 101 for your water filtration company and how to build your brand! So what now?

Well, if you want to know more about cultivating your business and staying up to date with the latest trends in the business world, check out some of the other posts on our blog! Now get out there and make your company the best like no one ever was!