7 Useful Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Remodeling your bathroom can transform it into a perfect place to relax and enjoy. Think of replacing the worn-out bathtub with something like a hot tub. You could also revamp it with different showerheads or repaint to create a beautiful retreat.

With an excellent renovation, your bathroom fixtures can work better and more efficiently. The resale value of the entire home also goes up once you complete any upgrade.

But there’s a key to bathroom remodeling. You need an experienced bathroom contractor. 

Are you looking to remodel a shower that’s seen better days? This blog outlines how to find the best bathroom remodel contractor to suit your timeline and budget!

1. Ask for Recommendations and Review Several Bathroom Remodel Contractors 

To find the best bathroom remodeling contractor, you need to invest your time in quality research. Ask friends for the right recommendations. 

Also, use online reviews to list prospective contractors. A quick search on Google using the keyword “bath remodelers near me” can present you with a reliable list of contractors. 

Ask about the character of each prospect and their professional conduct. You need to get a clear picture of the customer experience they offer from each candidate. 

Aim to create a list of up to 15 contractors who claim positive reviews and have ample experience. You’ll gradually be able to trim down the list until you get the best candidates for your project.

Having a broad list of contractors allows you to compare and contrast experience and character. It also provides you with a chance to compare bids and pick the most suitable one for your project.

2. Compare and Contrast Portfolios

Experienced bathroom contractors always own a gallery of photos showcasing their best projects. Some may have a website containing their portfolios or affiliate to contractor sites.

Look at both offline and online portfolios to determine if the bathroom contractor is your best fit. The portfolios help you to pick the candidates that have done projects that match your needs.

When choosing a bathroom remodel contractor, look for someone specialized in bathrooms. A specialist bathroom remodeler can tell you best on designs, materials, or costs. For example, they can tell you outright the best shower water filter based on the chemical composition of your water. 

3. Confirm Licensure and Certification 

No matter the size of your bathroom, it’s advisable to hire a certified contractor. A licensed contractor ensures compliance with safety regulations. They can also take responsibility for any damages for an agreed set of times.

Since certifications vary with the state, confirm them with your local municipalities. Professional certifications from the following bodies can help to establish the contractor’s credibility:

In the case of on-site accidents, a worker’s compensation cover protects the contractor and any other worker. It’s the responsibility of the bathroom contractor to have all the expected insurance. 

Licensing can help you to sift through some inexperienced contractors and get to the credible ones.

4. Ask for References 

The next task is to get an independent insight into the remaining contractors’ experience and credentials. Reviewing references can help you get firsthand information from past customers. 

First, you need to confirm the authenticity of each reference. You can search the provided lists on social media to test if the submitted names exist and match provided contacts. 

Most of the time, referencing lists may contain up to 10 clients. You may not be able to check all references but random picking can help you get expected information. Take notes to make sure you cover all the necessary info. Remember to ask if the references can welcome you to their homes. 

Also, confirm if the contractors stayed on schedule and met the clients’ expectations. Ask how they conducted themselves during the project. You can again ask for a rating to get a better picture of the reference’s experience. 

5. Review and Visit Past Projects

Physical viewing of the past projects can provide more clarity on skills. Viewing also provides you with a firsthand view of the execution and creativity put into a project.

Check out the latest projects from each contractor to assess the contractor’s current skills. Current projects can also bring out the contractor’s finishing skills and work guarantee.

You can expect a recent project to have the best look. That means there won’t be leakages on fixtures, stains on the walls, or cheap materials.

If a recent project doesn’t look up to par, that’s a valid reason to drop the respective contractor. 

6. Discuss Project Expectations and Agree on Schedules

Before accepting bids, interview and discuss the project with your top contenders. Provide your project expectations and request for details from the bathroom contractor.

The best contractor is specific about the contract details and the expected renovations. They are also able to estimate materials costs and provide an expected schedule.

By now, you should have a clear choice for your bathroom remodel contractor unless the bids make you reconsider. 

7. Compare the Bids From the Top Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Here, the last standing contractors present you with their project bids. The bids should show timelines, sub-projects, materials, and expected costs. 

You should get bids from at least three bathroom contractors. Well, now it’s time to pick your favorite candidate from the pending contractors.

Consider the entire review when selecting your bathroom remodel contractor. Also, think of a contractor that stands out as the most creative and base their work on quality. Let the price be the last checkbox because it can sometimes mislead you into a wrong pick.

Pick Your Bathroom Remodel Contractor and Sign the Contract

The bathroom remodel contractor you choose is always a product of your research. The more intensively you research, the better your candidate options. What’s important is to keep all the tips in mind and select a professional contractor. 

Keep in mind you want someone who can meet your budget and design expectations. Remember to sign the project contract to protect yourself and your home. 

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