Do Travel Agents Save You Money? 7 Times It’s Worth It to Hire One

Do people still use travel agents?

You may be surprised to learn that not only are they still used, but over 75 percent of Americans would use an agent on their next trip.

You might be wondering, do travel agents save you money? Well, not only do they save you money, but they also provide many extra services and bonuses that you can only get through booking with an agent.

Read on to learn the top seven times you may want to hire an agent.

1. Save Time

Sometimes, you just want to book a beach getaway with no stress or time-consuming research. Or, you need to book business travel flights in a hurry, and don’t have time in a busy workday to get it done.

In these situations, are travel agents worth it? Absolutely!

They can book travel in a hurry, with over email or phone.

Let them know your dates and what you need, and an experienced travel agent can send you over a few itineraries in no time— just let them know which one you prefer and they can get it booked for you.

2. Access to Special Deals

Major travel companies, airlines, and hotels often offer special package deals or discounts that are only available through travel agents.

These deals act as incentives for travel agents to book their product but also encourages tourists to book via an agent, to get access to special deals.

You can price up your proposed vacation on your own, and then ask your local travel agent if they can beat it, or match it. Usually, a travel agent will be able to access a special promotion to help you get a better deal.

3. Smoothly Book Complex Itineraries

If you’re booking a complicated trip, such as a round-the-world holiday or a multi-stop itinerary, it can be a huge headache to book this all yourself.

Airline websites don’t always make it easy to book flights that go to several different cities, and it can be really easy to book the wrong dates or neglect to book a hotel for one night.

With a travel agent, they can confidently book all of this for you. Even better, they will provide a tailored trip schedule for you, complete with flight times, airports, hotels, and any transfers.

This is also true if you’re booking a trip for a big group, such as a school trip or family reunion. Not only can agents look after all the tedious parts of travel booking, but they may even be able to wrangle up a discount for the group.

Enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that all legs of the trip are booked correctly for you. If you have any questions, your agent is always just a phone call away.

4. Benefit From Expert Knowledge

Unsure where to go on vacation? When is the best time to visit Universal? What’s the best beach in Hawaii?

Good news— your travel agent probably knows. Agents undergo regular training on destinations and hotels, ensuring they are up to speed on all the latest news and insider tips for popular areas.

Travel agents, not surprisingly, love to travel themselves too. As part of their job, they even go on familiarization trips to destinations, so they can sell them easier.

This means there’s a good chance that your agent can give you all the details of a place based on first-hand experience. This can be much more helpful than reading an outdated guidebook.

5. Added Agent Bonuses

Would you like a free buffet breakfast at your hotel? Maybe a complimentary glass of wine with dinner? If so, your best bet is always to book via an agent.

Agents often have access to special bonuses for their clients, especially on cruise lines and in major hotel chains.

It can be a fun way to save a little money when traveling. Even better, are you celebrating a birthday or special occasion on your trip? If so, your agent may be able to arrange a special surprise, a thank you for your patronage.

6. Help in Case of Emergency

Nine times out of ten, your holiday will go perfectly. But, what if something goes wrong, such as a hotel closure, flight cancellation, illness, or a natural disaster.

If you’ve booked your own travel, it can be tough to get through to airlines or know how to get help. But, part of the reason to book with an agent is they look after you, from the moment you book to after you return from your trip.

If you need any help while you’re on your trip, even if you’re overseas, you can contact your travel agent at any time for help.

The security and help provided by a travel agent are some of the best reasons to book with them. In case of a problem, the service of your agent literally becomes priceless and takes the stress out of travel.

7. Build Relationships

Do you travel frequently? If so, wouldn’t it be great to develop a relationship with a friendly and professional travel agent?

They can get to know your flight preferences, your dietary requirements, your favorite hotel chains, and more.

Your agent can act as your personal travel concierge, ensuring all of the details for your trips are exactly to your preferences.

It can also be lovely to get to know each other and share travel stories. Plus, your agent is sure to get you upgrades or benefits whenever they can, as a thank you for your patronage.

So, Do Travel Agents Save You Money?

Now that you know the answer to “do travel agents save you money,” as well as that they offer convenience, expert assistance, and can save you time, book today!

Start using a travel agent for your next vacation or business travel, and chances are, you won’t look back. Make travel a breeze by contacting an agent now.

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