Road to Recovery: 7 of the Best Rehabs in the US to Consider for Your Treatment

Are you or someone you know seeking a rehab facility for drug addiction?

If so, you aren’t alone. In the United States, nearly 20 million adults (aged 12 and older) have a substance abuse problem.

Despite the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse issues, people throughout the country seek to beat their addiction through the assistance of rehab facilities. 

The facility you choose should have a staff and program that are tailored to fit your unique needs.

Read on to learn about seven of the best rehabs in the US to consider.

1. Creative Care, Inc. – Malibu, California

Creative Care, Inc. is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center offering strong treatment programs in a great location.

Individuals that enroll in an in-patient program are assigned to private rooms where they will live. Many of these rooms take advantage of the luxurious setting by offering residents an ocean view.

This peaceful and tranquil place has a caring staff of medical professionals. They work hard to develop individuated treatment programs that work.

The staff also recognizes the tremendous cost of rehab and has a financial assistance plan in place to help those that need help paying for their program.

2. BRC Recovery – Austin, Texas

BRC Recovery is formerly known as the Mark Houston Recovery Center and offers a wide range of treatment programs for substance abuse.

Their 90-day programs are based on a 12-step method designed for attendees to beat their worst addiction. The facility takes a hands-on approach to treatment in a beautiful facility that creates a comforting and supportive environment. 

The grounds at BRC Recovery are divided into residences that are gender-specific, creating a safer environment for attendees.

Beyond the comfortable facility residents live in, the program boasts a 74 percent success rate!

3. The Caron Foundation – Many Locations

One of the best drug rehab centers in the country is The Caron Foundation. The Foundation was established in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, but has locations in Florida and Texas.

In 1957, Richard Caron founded this treatment program after buying a hotel on a farm located in Pennsylvania. Caron and his successors have created one of the most comprehensive treatment centers in the country.

The Foundation partners with top university medical centers to develop a unique 12-step program. Their staff also has a comprehensive relapse program in the event that its residents need further help.

4. Prosperity Haven Treatment Center – Chardon, Ohio

The Prosperity Haven Treatment Center has specialized programs for a lot of needs. It’s 3,000 square foot facility is located on a 7.5-acre property in the woods of Ohio.

The Center has a wide range of treatment options for many different conditions. Some of these include chemical dependence, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, PTSD, and drug rehab

The staff at the facility operates a treatment center focused on the individual needs of their clients. They encourage cognitive behavioral therapy and reinforce important concepts by only serving 12 clients at any given time.

When residents are not receiving instruction in a treatment program, there are many opportunities to have fun and enjoy life. Some of the activities taking place at the Center include sports and other physical activities at their gym facility.

5. Phoenix House – Many Locations

Phoenix House in New York City has more than 50 years of experience helping people with addiction.

It was founded in Manhattan back in 1967 by six people addicted to heroin and seeking to beat their addiction. Although the original remains open in New York, there are now 10 other facilities across the country that operate with the same mentality of helping others.

The staff at each location consists of addiction specialists that are focused on helping an addict beat his or her illness. The locations facilitate the 120 different programs offering holistic treatment and the individualized care an addict needs to stay clean.

6. Ocean Breeze Recovery – Pompano Beach, FL

For individuals with addiction issues in the southeastern United States, Ocean Breeze Recovery is arguably the best option.

Located on the coast in Pompano Beach, Florida, this rehabilitation center provides luxury with tremendous care and instruction. Ocean Breeze leverages its beautiful location with a healing approach for each of its attendees. 

Whether you are seeking inpatient or outpatient recovery care, this facility has a program to fit your needs. Each member of its staff is fully licensed and certified to handle the treatment for addiction and works hard to give each patient the best opportunity to beat their addiction. 

7. Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness – Salt Lake City, Utah

The Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Center is located in Salt Lake City and provides a treatment option for people residing in the midwestern United States.

Whether someone is seeking treatment for substance abuse, trauma, or PTSD, the Center has a program that is tailored to fit those needs. Deer Hollow’s staff is trained in these areas and specializes in handling the personalized treatment for substance abuse. 

While drug and alcohol treatment are its specialities, the professionals at Deer Hollow are prepared to assist people with a wide range of issues.

The facility is well-known across the country for its strong inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs to help those in need.

Wrapping Up: The Best Rehabs in the US

The best rehabs in the US are the ones that have the facilities, programs, and staff that are dedicated to handling your needs and care.

The decision to enter rehab for addiction is an important and personal decision that can be the difference between life or death.

It’s crucial that you or your loved one spends a lot of time researching the options in the area and determining a budget to cover program costs. It’s also important to leave some room in the budget for unexpected delays in recovery or when extra treatment is needed.

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