5 Powerful Tactics and Systems to Increase Employee Productivity

Technology is helping global employees become more productive. Take teleworking as the perfect example.

Studies show that remote workers put in nearly an extra day and a half each month than their colleagues in the office. Remote workers are not burdened with office distractions like water cooler talk. They also save time on their commute and getting ready for work each day.

As an owner or manager, there are many things you can do to increase employee productivity. Read on to learn about improving employee output. Explore 5 tactics and strategies that are certain to increase productivity.

1. Incentivize Employees

There are few things that increase productivity like an incentive. While financial perks are the ultimate motivator, there are other ways to incentivize your employees.

For instance, you can issue Paid Time Off (PTO) for meeting goals and objectives. Another idea is to treat your star performers to lunch or dinner.

Some managers let high producers come in late on a Monday or leave early on a Friday. Feel free to get creative as the point is to show employee recognition and appreciation.

2. Issue a Second Computer Screen

It is not easy to work on a laptop with a small screen. Employees waste time and energy minimizing windows and relocating important information.

The inexpensive solution is to purchase a supplemental computer screen. Employees can link the laptop to the additional monitor using an HDMI or VGA cable. Surveys show that a second monitor can increase productivity by up to 30%.

3. Add Telework Capabilities

Remote working is a proven way to increase productivity. There are fewer distractions in a home office.

Many managers are asked what is Lean management theory during their careers. One of the seven types of waste in lean management theory is transportation. Along these lines, employees are available for more hours as they no longer have to commute.  

Office employees routinely take an entire day off for a doctor’s appointment. Remote employees can take a few hours of PTO and return to work for the rest of the day.

Remote working also improves employee satisfaction. Happy and content workers are more likely to work harder.

4. Optimize Meetings

Meetings are frequently cited as inefficient and time consumers. Some managers invite too many attendees, some whom do not add any value to the meeting.

You can increase productivity by cutting down on meeting attendance and frequency. Only hold meetings when they are absolutely necessary and keep the agenda moving.

5. Focus on Wellness

Employees that are physically and mentally healthy outperform those that are not. For this reason, many companies are placing focus on wellness.

They are offering to pay for employees’ gym memberships. Another example of a wellness initiative is giving employees access to mental health professionals.

A Recap of How to Increase Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is critical to your company’s success. Simple steps like optimizing meetings and adding a second computer screen go a long way.

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