6 of the Best Reasons for a Commercial Building Renovation

There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States. Every day, those businesses face new challenges.

While some challenges are unique to their industry, most business owners find themselves wishing for a new office or commercial building to call their own at some point.

That doesn’t mean you have to start looking for a new property. Instead, a simple office renovation can make your current space feel like-new.

There are many reasons to consider a renovation for your building. Here are some of the most common and pressing reasons business owners choose to renovate.

1. The Building Seems Outdated

A well-built commercial building can stand for decades, but that doesn’t mean it won’t start to show its age. If you feel that your building is currently starting to look outdated or no longer fits with your brand’s image or message, it’s time to renovate.

Think about the way it looks compared to other buildings in the area and other facilities in your industry. Is it lagging behind or looking worn-down? If so, it’s in your best interest to make some improvements.

The renovation will give you a chance to make your building stand out from others in the area. Even better, you’ll be able to update the building materials and make sure each component is up to current building codes.

By giving the building a facelift, you’ll make an immediate positive impression on your clients and customers. It doesn’t even have to be an extensive renovation to do the trick. Installing things like high-quality metal building siding and new energy-efficient windows, you’ll make a huge impression on your clients and customers.

2. You’re Growing Your Numbers

When you first moved into your building, it fit the needs of your immediate staff perfectly. However, it’s every business’s goal to grow and as you hire more employees, those needs will change.

Take a walk around your building and see how crowded things feel. If you think the next hiring wave would make your space uncomfortably tight, it’s time to renovate your building.

Sometimes, all it takes is knocking out a single wall, but some renovations will require an entirely new addition to the building. No matter what you choose, the result will be an improved work environment for your team and can streamline your productivity.

3. You Want to Boost Efficiency

Older building materials just weren’t as efficient as their modern counterparts. This means old buildings typically have higher energy and utility costs than newer ones. Think about how much you’re spending each month on regular utility bills.

If it seems to go up year after year, it may be worth your time to renovate the building and upgrade the materials inside. New light fixtures, updated appliances in breakrooms, and low-flow toilets in each bathroom can all save you money each month.

However, there’s more to efficiency than just reducing your monthly expenses. You need to think about the way the building works for your team.

How much time do employees end up wasting because they have to travel from one side of the building to the other in the course of their duties? A redesign inside could help streamline their productivity and help them take care of tasks more quickly.

4. You Need New Equipment

The building already accommodates the equipment you need to get your job done, but what happens when you start needing to replace those tools? The building might not be able to handle the additional equipment.

Renovating your commercial building is a great way to make space for that new equipment whether you’re installing it all immediately or plan to in the future.

You’ll be able to design the space to fit the new equipment without issue. Ultimately, this can save you time and frustration as you start moving the new equipment in.

5. It’s Time to Improve Safety Measures

Your business can’t operate without your employees. If they get injured on the job, they won’t be able to help you keep up with demand.

Renovating your building or office with their safety in mind is one of the best ways to reduce injuries at your facility.

You can upgrade your flooring to a non-slip option, improve the lighting systems to make it easier on their eyes, and upgrade your HVAC system to provide better, cleaner air that circulates throughout the building without issue.

Don’t hesitate to ask your employees for ideas. They know what’s working well and what needs to change to make themselves more comfortable. You might have to change less about your building than you think!

6. You Want to Improve Property Values

Believe it or not, commercial property value can change a lot depending on the way the building looks and the features it has. The more energy-efficient and up-to-date the building is, the more the property will be worth.

If you ever plan to sell the building, you want the property to get valued at a high dollar amount. While there’s always a chance that you won’t get the full value of the property if you sell, it will help you set a fair and higher asking price.

The nicer the building is and the more appealing it looks, the more prospective buyers will show interest. When you have enough interest in your building, you won’t have to settle for a rock-bottom offer.

An Office Renovation Is a Smart Investment

As a business owner, taking care of your team and improving your bottom line are your top priorities. The best way to take care of both concerns is to plan an office renovation that will help your company grow to new heights.

Take the time to think about what will most benefit your company. If that means focusing on employee safety first, look into renovations that address those pain points. If you need extra space, start designing new layouts and contact a remodeling team to bring those dreams to life.

If you’re looking for more tips on planning and managing renovations at your business, check out our latest posts.