How to Get Thousands of Facebook Followers and Increase Your Reach

Everyone – from people to businesses – longs to have thousands of Facebook followers. It is a matter of pride. For businesses, however, having low numbers looks bad for their brand.

Businesses with many followers can reach some of the 1.32 billion daily active users on Facebook. Having such a reach does the following:

  • increases the business’ visibility online
  • enhances the company’s reputation and brand
  • creates more opportunity for customer engagement
  • provides a platform to share useful information
  • allows more sales and conversions
  • offers an avenue for customer feedback

With such benefits, it’s no wonder companies are clamoring for new followers. Using social media well is a digital business trend companies can’t ignore. Read on to learn how to get Facebook followers.

How to Increase Facebook Followers

People fail on social media due to bad strategies for getting, retaining, and engaging followers. Here are better strategies to start using today:

Start Posting Quality Content

34.7% of Facebook followers unfollow a brand because of low-quality content. A further 57.5% do so because of excessive promotions. The solution is to post short, engaging, and informative content.

Post something that pushes your followers to share it with their friends. No one wants the reputation of sharing annoying content. They want to share informative and engaging content that also makes them look good.

Another problem is how often an organization should post on Facebook. Experiment with a couple of posts and find a balance. Ask customers for feedback as well.

Invite Users Who ‘Like’ Your Posts

Whenever you post quality content, some people click the ‘Like’ button. Open this list of ‘Likes’ and invite those users.

Make sure you don’t fall foul to Facebook’s invitation limits. They will limit or block your invites if your actions look like spam. Experts like 908 Enterprises – Social Media Marketing can help you with this issue.

A better strategy is to invite users who are likely to say “Yes”. Send more invites by adding many admins. They can send invitations without breaking the daily limit. You can also post a status asking previous ‘Likers’ to join your page or event.

Boost Your High ROI Value Posts

Facebook allows you to pay to boost particular posts to a specific audience. These boosted posts give your business more exposure due to their sustained visibility. They remain visible in News Feeds for as long as your budget holds.

Boosted posts must have a high ROI value. They should promote your products or services. Moreover, they should draw visitors to your website and campaign.

Join Relevant Groups

A key part of sales for businesses is to go where the customers are congregating. Thus, join groups where current and potential clients are commenting on the business. Companies should also join industry-related groups.

Being in these groups allows them to offer information to customers. They can receive feedback and discover what solutions customers need. They can also post promotions for new products.

Find A Business

Using the strategies above will help businesses pull in more Facebook followers. As a bonus, these strategies will continue working for a long time. Remember, once you get the followers, post great content to keep them engaged.

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