7 Retail Marketing Strategies That’ll Transform How You Run Your Business

The competition is no longer in your neighborhood. The world became a global village when everyone decided to go digital and now, your retail business is competing against the world. This makes retail marketing a whole lot harder.

Customer purchasing behavior has totally changed with the evolution of technology. With mobile tools and fancy websites online, shoppers have more choices now, most of which offer instant gratification. This demands that you not only promote your brand online but do it through multiple channels.

You need to utilize digital retail marketing strategies to stay relevant and acquire more customers. In this post, we’re going to look at seven cutting edge retail marketing strategies that you need to incorporate in your eCommerce marketing game.

1. Give Consumers Reasons to Shop at Your Store

The convenience of shopping online has hit many retail stores quite hard. Most consumers prefer not to visit store after store looking for products while they can do it online in the comfort of their homes and have things delivered to their doorstep. Some people still go shopping in person, but you need to give them a reason to come to you.

You can offer special in-store discounts that encourage more people to come over. When they come for a specific offer, they will be surrounded by all the beautiful things you have at the store and feel the need to shop for more. Ensure you spread the good news on the social media channels your target audience is likely to frequent.

2. Stay Locally Relevant

Even as you fight to reach the global market through retail marketing, you need to stay locally relevant. A lot of people look for services near them, especially if they want to avoid the hassle of shipping products. Beyond this, people like to feel that they are a part of a community. Your retail business needs to blend in so you can draw an emotional attachment from the locals and attract more of them.

You can achieve this through geotargeting on Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube to attract local clients that shop online. Use local lingo in your ad copy, which will make potential local buyers feel at home.

3. Go for Podcast Advertising

You may be surprised at how popular podcasts are getting. About 32% of people in the US alone listen to podcasts per month, making it an excellent platform to explore. One of the most significant factors about podcasts is that they are available in almost every niche in different industries. You can choose the best ones depending on what you are selling, and your target audience.

Do your research to discover what type of podcasts your target audience is listening to then invest in advertising on those podcasts. The one thing that makes this an incredible retail marketing strategy is that most listeners listen to podcasts while doing other things and skipping ads is usually not an option.

4. Take Advantage of Video Marketing

There is just something about video that marketers can no longer ignore. Video brings products to life, and if you can tell a story, regardless of how short it is, it will create an emotional attachment and bring customers to your business. With video marketing, you must be creative and provide an experience that not only resonates with your target audience but makes your business unforgettable.

Plenty of businesses have made it big using videos because they are easy to share on social media platforms. If you can make them interesting, they can go viral and reach far and beyond.

5. Use the Sense of Urgency to Your Advantage

A sense of urgency is an incredible retail marketing strategy because people don’t like missing out on things. Once you instill a sense of urgency in your marketing messages, consumers will feel pressure to get those products before they go out of stock or before the prices rise again and make purchases immediately.

Run short-term offers and discounts and stay transparent on when the offers end, so you instill urgency and drive sales fast. There are many professional marketing companies, such as CTK USA, that can help you achieve your goals if you don’t have an in-house marketing team.

6. Run Incredible Google Shopping Campaigns

Google runs over 4 billion searches on a daily basis, which makes it clear that people use Google to search for products they need. As a retail marketer, you need to capitalize on Google shopping campaigns. These campaigns will allow you to sell your products through SERPs. This means they are essential whether your business has a storefront or not.

You can try organizing your campaigns by your best selling products. Ensure that you group products of similar value and make it easy to allocate and adjust budgets. Your ad images must be of high quality and if you make them crawlable, even better. Quality images mean fine details, little grain and a simple background that will make it easier to focus on the products on sale.

To make this retail marketing strategy even better, you should include product reviews and merchant promotions. Reviews tend to drive purchases because most consumers take reviews like personal recommendations.

7. Social Media Targeting Capabilities Can Benefit Your Business Immensely

You must have invested in social media marketing by now, but you may not be capitalizing on social media advertising. This is hands down one of the best retail marketing strategies you can implement. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are easy to find. Getting products in front of your customers through social media is a straightforward process that works wonders.

Retail Marketing Strategy Summary

Acquiring new customers and keeping them loyal may seem like a daunting task. Using these retail marketing strategies, however, will help you stay relevant. Test different strategies out and measure or analyze what does best, then invest in it fully.

Your marketing team needs constant changes, testing, and implementation because the market changes, and so do consumer preferences. 

What do you think of these retail marketing strategies? Which ones will you be implementing? Which ones have worked for best so far?

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