The Ultimate Guide to Repairing or Replacing a Thermostat

As a home or business owner, you’re constantly keeping up with important maintenance for your home or building. One of the major factors to keep up with is the HVAC unit. No matter where you live or run a business, you need your thermostat and HVAC unit to work properly. 

Being stuck without heat or air conditioning can make an environment miserable. And when you realize that your unit isn’t working, you might not always need to go straight into replacing a thermostat. There are a few things to check for before deciding if your thermostat needs replacing or a simple repair. 

Find out when to make a few repairs or when to call in the professionals for a replacement by continuing to read below. Here’s everything you need to know about determining if your thermostat needs repair or replacement!

Signs of Needed Repair

You should never jump to conclusions right away. Just because your thermostat stops working doesn’t mean you need to replace it. It might just need a simple repair or two to get it back into working order. 

Here are some signs that your thermostat needs repair. 

The HVAC Unit Won’t Start

Maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night with sweat dripping down your neck. Or, maybe you set the thermostat lower or higher waiting for the ac or heat to kick on and it never does. If you’ve noticed that your HVAC unit isn’t kicking on, this isn’t always a sign of needed replacement. 

One simple reason why your unit might not be turning on is that your thermostat needs new batteries. It’s that simple. To determine this, check to see if your thermostat has a low battery signal or has shut off completely. 

If so, replace the old batteries with new ones and you should be good to go. A wiring issue might be another cause for the unit to not turn on. A wiring issue can lead to a poor connection to your HVAC system from your thermostat. 

If there is trouble with the wiring, you’ll need to call professional help. 

The Air Conditioner Constantly Runs

Have you noticed that your HVAC unit runs for a much longer period of time than it should? A unit that’s constantly running can lead to an increase in your energy bill. It’s essential that you correct this problem as soon as possible to keep yourself from spending unnecessary money. 

If your unit is running on a constant basis, then you need to check with the unit’s wiring or with the unit’s compressor. Either of these issues can be fixed with repair from a professional. 

If your air conditioning unit won’t turn off, then be sure to contact the professionals and see how they can help you repair the issue. 

Signs of Needed Replacement

Unfortunately, there are some times when a replacement is needed. You want to first be sure to check off all the signs of needed repair off your list first. Once you mark off all signs of repair, it’s time to move towards signs of replacement. 

Here’s are some signs that your thermostat needs replacement. 

There Are Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

It’s not uncommon for the temperature throughout a home or building to fluctuate from room to room here and there. However, the temperatures shouldn’t change drastically from room to room. If there’s a huge change in temperature depending on which part of the home or building you’re in, then your system might be running in irregular cycles.

If this is the case, then you’ll want to hire a professional heating and air conditioning services such as Larsen heating and air to assess the problem. 

Changing Batteries Didn’t Fix the Problem

If you replaced the batteries in your thermostat, but it didn’t correct the problem, then you might need to start considering a replacement. If you also tried other forms of simple fixes and there’s still a problem, then replacement might be the better option for you. 

Be sure to contact a professional service and receive their opinion on the matter first. There might be another easy fix that you didn’t think of, or they might tell you that it’s time for a new thermostat. Either way, you’ll have the opinion of someone who knows what they’re doing. 

The Thermostat Is Giving No Response 

One of the last issues to be on the lookout for is a thermostat that’s unresponsive. If your thermostat isn’t responding to you, then you’ll want to consider replacing it. Your thermostat should be able to listen to all your commands and then see them through. 

Whether it’s the first time your thermostat has stopped responding or one of several accounts, you should call in the professionals for a possible replacement. With technology always on the rise, it’s important that you update your thermostat when needed. 

Replacing a Thermostat Might Not Always be Required! 

If you’re having trouble with your HVAC unit, then you’ll want to ensure the troubles are corrected as soon as possible. Trying to function in an environment without a working HVAC unit is miserable and uncomfortable. When coming across any troubles with your system, be sure to keep this guide in mind.

Replacing a thermostat might not always be necessary, but it’s sometimes the best decision. Following this guide will help you determine if you’re in need of a repair or a replacement.

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