10 Creative DIY Storage Ideas to Transform Your Life

Is clutter making you gain weight?

Researchers are learning that families living in clutter are more likely to deal with problems from overeating. When you have clutter everywhere, your brain’s constantly processing extrasensory information. 

Chaotic environments, like untidy houses, can trick our brains into thinking we’re hungry. As a result, many families living in disorganized homes are unknowingly overeating, every single day.

DIY storage ideas are the perfect way to keep things where they belong, while also helping your mind unwind. Yet, if you don’t choose the right storage solutions, you could wind back up where you started. Read on to learn 10 ways to eliminate clutter from your life today!

Choosing DIY Storage Ideas

Not sure what type of storage systems will work well with your lifestyle?

Here are a few tips for selecting the best DIY storage ideas for your home:

  • What’s the size of your family?
  • Will you need room for guests?
  • Are you comfortable storing items down low?

It can also help to ask yourself what your daily routine looks like. Then you can model your storage system to fit around the routine you already have in place.

Small Apartment Storage Tips

Are you moving into a small apartment or a tiny house? If you can’t fit all of your belongings in your new living space, you should look into this full-service storage company. Next, you’ll want to start prepping your space so you can comfortably move everything else in.

Here are the best tips for organizing small spaces:

  • Remove a door
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Collapsible items

If you’re renting your property you might not be able to remove doors and other items. Yet, if you can, there’s a world of space, just waiting for you to enjoy it.

1. Remove a Door

Taking a door off its hinges can be the perfect way to create space, especially in living room areas. Once the door’s off its hinges, you can use the inside of the closet as a small home office, with a tiny desk, shelves, computer, and chair.

2. Bathroom Furniture

While you might not want a couch in the bathroom, basket furniture is a wonderful storage technique. Almost every home decor store will have furniture specifically intended for bathroom use. If you want to save a few extra dollars try going to local thrift stores to find wicker type baskets that can also double as storage devices.

3. Collapsible Items

Finally, whenever you have a small space, collapsible items are your friend. Tables, chairs, beds, that can collapse are a lifesaver when you’re trying to host a dinner party.

Kitchen Storage Tricks

While some kitchens have limited counter space, other kitchens have to deal with being entirely too small altogether. Here are the best ways to create more space, even in the tiniest kitchens:

  • Breakfast bar
  • Paper towel drawer
  • Discrete pegboards

If your kitchen has an island in it, there are all sorts of clever ways you can use the space on the side of the islands. 

4. Breakfast Bar Storage

Try adding shelves under one side of your kitchen’s island. Then, you can place specific breakfast items on the shelves, including whatever coffee items you use. You can even use the floor as a final shelf, storing miscellaneous kitchen items like vegetables, fruits, and recycling cans.

5. Paper Towel Drawer

Clear up your counter space by putting your paper towels in a draw. You can even take this idea one step further by removing the front face of the drawer and installing a paper towel dispenser. The paper towels will be easy to reach while also being conveniently tucked out of sight.

6. Discrete Peg Boards

If you didn’t know already, pegboards are every organizational enthusiast’s dream come true. Try setting up a set of hidden pegboards on either side of your sink.

Your guests will think the pegboards look decorative, yet they’ll also be fully functional. You can store small items on your pegboards like rags, dustpans, and more!

Clothing Storage Ideas

Now, you can buy new clothes without having to wonder where you’ll put them. Here are the best DIY storage ideas for clothing:

  • Old trunk
  • Shelved rack
  • Bookcase
  • Detached wardrobe rack
  • Ceiling clothing rod

Let’s start by looking closer at our clothing storage solutions for folded clothes.

7. Old Trunk for Sweaters

Add a little style to your styling options by repurposing an old trunk for your clothes. Trunks add personality to your interior decor, while also serving as the perfect hideaway for bulky sweaters.

8. Shelved Rack for Socks

A simple shelf set up is a great way to store socks if you have a large family. On the shelves, you can have large storage bins, one for each family member. On the shelves above the bins, you can store everyone’s shoes.

9. Bookcase for Shirts and Pants

Folding your shirts and pants and putting them on a bookshelf is one of the fastest storage solutions you can use. You can also use the shelves to store your jewelry and other accessories. If you’re not a big fan of having your clothes out in the open, consider installing a rod and decorative curtain to cover them with.

10. Detached Wardrobe Rack

If you’re living without a closet, a detached wardrobe rack is a small but effective solution. While a detached rack won’t work for large wardrobes, it’s the perfect choice for a few special clothing items.

Yet, be careful, you must use the same hangers for every clothing item on the rack. Unified hangers are the only way for the wardrobe rack to look visually pleasing, rather than looking like a cluttery mess.

Involve Your Entire Household

Now you know more about the most creative DIY storage ideas. Yet, for your life to remain clutter-free, you’ll need to make sure your entire household’s on board with your new storage solutions.

Involving family members, and roommates during the installation process can motivate them to participate. Have your partner and children help you create storage solutions around the house, and ask them for their opinions.

You can also explain to family members how the new storage solutions will make life easier for everyone. Now, instead of spending hours finding things, and putting them back where they belong, you can finish in a matter of minutes.

Ready to find more ways to transform your house into the home of your dreams? Check out our Resources section today!