7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional SEO Service Rather Than DIY SEO

Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with Google? This is why it’s important to optimize your website in a way that it will appear first in the search results. Doing this, you can be a part of the start of the online experiences of thousands of people.

This explains why SEO has become an integral part of digital marketing. Still, some people may be understating its importance by attempting to DIY it. 

Some things, you can DIY by watching a short tutorial on YouTube. This is not one of those things. Keep reading to learn the reasons why you should hire a professional SEO service instead.

1. SEO Requires a Good Set of Tools and Knowledge

SEO isn’t only about using keywords. It’s about knowing which keywords give you the best ROI and where to place those keywords. It’s about linking, getting backlinks, placing images, naming files, and so on.

SEO encompasses each element in your website and then some elements outside it. It’s such a wide topic that you won’t be able to learn it all in a few days. Even if you think you can, it can’t compare to the years that a professional SEO service has spent mastering it.

To help you apply that knowledge is SEO tools. These are integral to making a good campaign because the right tools can shorten your process of finding keywords, provide extra insights, and display the results of your SEO efforts.

2. SEO Specialists Have Enough Experience

Knowledge isn’t enough; they must know how to implement it to get the results they want. This is one of the best advantages of a local SEO agency. They already have experience implementing strategies that they’ll have a basic idea which is fit for you.

If something goes wrong, they will know how to make it right based on their previous experiences. They’ll also have different experiences with clients. They should be able to tailor their services according to the needs and competition of your specific industry.

3. They Get More Done in the Same Amount of Time

Because they’re already equipped with the right tools and knowledge about SEO, they can get a campaign going in the time you’re learning how to do SEO.

SEO isn’t a thing you can master in a few days with you spending a couple of your extra time on it. It takes dedication and skill to create a working campaign and keep it working.

If you want to do it yourself, you may not find the time it takes to make it successful enough. Even if you want to focus on it, it’s taking away precious time that you could have spent on growing your business. 

4. You Might Not Be Able to Keep Up with the Trends

SEO trends are always changing because of Google’s constant updates to its algorithm. It identifies and fixes any issues. It pushes out consistent improvements to the user experience. 

Google doesn’t even always announce the changes to its algorithm. It took months for marketers to discover that RankBrain is one of the top three ranking factors, for instance.

For this reason, SEO techniques change, too, to accommodate the updates. Its priorities will change, and your website needs to reflect that to stay in Google’s good graces. What you may consider acceptable practice now may become a black hat strategy later on.

If you want to DIY your website’s SEO, you’ll have to keep up with this. Otherwise, you’ll have ineffective SEO campaigns that will lead to lower rankings. On the other hand, SEO specialists are learning every day to update their campaigns. 

5. Penalties Can Create Permanent Damage

If you’re not careful about your SEO practices, your website might incur some penalties. 

For instance, following bad SEO advice you got online from a non-expert can result in a strike against your website. Each strike has a drastic impact on the rankings of your website.

Once you’ve incurred enough strikes, your website will suffer from reputation damages that might be impossible to overcome. Hiring an SEO expert at this stage might cost you more because they’ll have to undo the damage. 

Because of this, many find that hiring one from the beginning costs less in actual. It also saves you from the unnecessary stress of getting penalties.

6. A Professional SEO Service Has Competitive Edge

The thing with SEO is it’s not enough to do it right; it should also propel you toward the top. This means you have to outrank your competitors.

With SEO being a normal part of digital marketing today, you can bet that almost all websites are running their own SEO campaign right now. How are you expecting to enter the race if you don’t know much about it?

An SEO agency already has a competitive edge. It knows how to choose the proper measures you need to win the race. 

It keeps track of your competitors to see what they’re doing. Based on that, they can implement a stronger campaign so that you still come out on top.

7. It Allows You to Track and Understand Results

Don’t forget that tracking results is important, too. It allows you to see if your campaign is working and if you need to change some things to make it work.

Deciphering all those numbers can be a pain for beginners. But professionals know exactly what they mean and what steps they need to do next to raise or lower those numbers. They also know what’s driving those numbers.

They know how to break down the analytics their tools provide. 

Hire the Right Professional SEO Expert

The only way you’ll get good results, however, is by getting the right professional SEO service. Some only have a basic working knowledge of SEO but doesn’t have what it takes to see through a campaign.

Choose wisely so you don’t waste more money hiring the wrong guy. Check out our other articles for more tips.