Staying Compliant: How to Find the Best Compliance Consultant

Compliance consultants are not all the same. Different consultants will do different things for your business, depending on the work you do.

The most common thing that compliance consultants will do is review work sites. In some cases, they may conduct investigations in the aftermath of a crisis. They will also work to develop guidelines and training for your employees.

No matter their function, there are a few things that you should look for in a compliance consultant. Understanding the most common general things to look for can help you find the best consultant for your needs.

Does Your Compliance Consultant Have Work Samples?

Compliance consultants are only as valuable as their past experience. Compliance consultants worth their salt will have old case studies to draw from. Ask for examples of projects they have managed and references to check.

By checking with previous employers, you’ll be able to get an accurate measure of the impact of your consultant. You should also check the work samples provided to you with your references to verify their authenticity.

Does Your Compliance Consultant Have Insurance?

It’s essential that the company you choose to be your compliance consultant has adequate insurance. This protects you from financial harm if you break compliance because the consultant messed up on the job.

This type of insurance is usually called professional indemnity insurance (PII). Ask your consultant to provide proof of insurance during the interview process to prevent a nasty headache later on.

GMP Compliance Consulting

Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP, are a way to maintain quality standards. They are essential to maintaining regulatory compliance in many different sectors. Hiring a company for GMP Compliance Consulting can help your company avoid nasty headaches and lawsuits.

GMP compliance consulting is especially important for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. It is also essential for companies that play any role in food preparation or packaging. However, many other industries can benefit from GMP consulting.

Does Your Compliance Consultant Have Enough Staff?

You want to make sure that you match your compliance consultant to the size of your business. A compliance consultancy firm of only a few people is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses. If you run an operation with several locations and hundreds or thousands of employees, however, it’s a different story.

Many larger firms exist which can draw on a large and experienced staff. In some cases, you may want to talk to your potential compliance consultants about automating part of their processes. Having an automated way to track forms, licence renewals and other regularly occurring actions can help cut down work.

Remember that Each Industry is Different

Picking the right compliance consultant is a complex process. It won’t be the same for each business, because each sector has a different set of regulations to deal with. While the above serve as general guidelines, always look for people with signs of experience in your industry.

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