5 Tips on Successfully Marketing and Building Your Personal Brand in 2019


People work for years trying to develop their own personal brand and market themselves to get business.

But what if there was an easier way to building your personal brand? Stop thinking about wanting to build your brand and just go out and do it!

Keep reading to discover five secret tips to successfully market and build your personal brand in 2019.

1. Define Yourself and Your Brand

Some people find building their brand to be a bit difficult because their brand is so broad. You will need to narrow your brand down and find the specific elements that will make you stand out among others.

The best way to do this is to research your products or the market you’re in and figure out how to connect with your customers. Businesses with a large social media presence are becoming more and more popular. Your brand should promote your business and draw customers in to work with you.

You should give your business a personality to show its defining features. A good way to give your business specific characteristics would be to think of your brand as a person. It will be more natural when you think of it as a person to give it the qualities people desire.

2. Build Relationships with Your Customers

The best way to build a relationship with your customers is to show them that you can be trusted. As long as you keep giving them good and reliable services, then they will want to return to you. Overall, make sure you’re nice to all of your customers.

Another way to give your brand a personality and help it stand out is to not copy bigger brands. Many people are attracted to smaller brands because they are more personal than the bigger brands. Customers will continue to do business with you if they feel like they are cared for and not just another face in the crowd.

3. Give a Free Quote

The best way to get customers to build relationships with is to offer them your services. A free quote may take up some of your time but if the customer decides to work with you then you can make that money back and then some.

A good way to start a relationship with a customer is to give them a free quote on the service you can do for them. For example, this company gives free quotes on floor cleaning. They try to demonstrate to customers what they can do for them so they have the potential to work together.

4. You Can’t Please Everyone

All of the advice so far deals with being nice to your customers so that they will continue to stick around. But what about the customers that you just can’t please? Sometimes it won’t hurt to lose one of two people if you just can’t make them happy.

You shouldn’t be forced to do everything that anyone asks. Being genuine and being yourself will help to make your brand stand out. You want your business to grow and leaving behind one unhappy person won’t hurt that.

5. Promote Yourself

The best way to build your personal brand is to promote yourself. Finding sneaky ways to promote your business is great because people may not even realize they heard about you from an ad.

You can buy advertisements in a podcast, use a referral program, give away swag with your business logo, and many more to promote your personal brand. The more people who see or hear about you, then the more likely they are to think of your brand when they need a specific service.

Building Your Personal Brand Can Be Fun

Hopefully, you are able to apply these tips and tricks when building your personal brand. Building your brand should be fun!

It’s easy to fall into a work pattern of doing the same thing every day but step outside of that box and change it up to really help your personal brand thrive.

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