What to Look for When Buying Propane Tanks

According to the US Department of energy, propane water heaters can reduce the heating bills in a home by up to $30 because they heat water twice as fast as electricity. The fact that you will be saving money is a great reason why you should consider using propane in your home.

Unlike natural gas that is free of risks when it leaks, propane can go undetected because it is dense than air and will stay below. It is also odorless, so you will not smell it, your best bet is to ensure that you buy a good tank.

Buying propane tanks does not have to be as challenging as most people put it. This blog will tell you some of the most critical factors to consider when buying one.

Costs of Buying Propane Tanks

The first thing you need to think about is how much the propane tank will cost you. The amount of money you are willing to part will determine the type and the size too. Used tanks will cost you up to 50% less from their original price.

It will also depend on the time you are purchasing. When you buy at a time when the demand is high, they are likely to cost more. For instance, buy one during the summer when there are fewer blackouts.


How big is your home? This is a critical question to ask because it will determine how much propane gas is enough for your household needs. There are also the costs of transporting the tank from the manufacturer’s to your home.

Do you have the space to store the propane tank you buy? When you consider these aspects, you will buy a tank that will suit your needs and be easier to store.

To understand propane tank sizing, consult a qualified commercial propane contractor. They will do the distance and space measurements to ensure that you maintain good storage standards and prevent hazards.

The Board Certification

You need to look at the national board numbers or the U1A reports, it is like the birth certificate of the tanks. These are the specifications that are on each tank.

They are often easily accessible but at a fee. They help you understand the longevity of the tank and whether it will keep the gas from leaking. With this certifications, it will also be easier for you to resell the tanks.


You also need to consider when the tank was manufactured. This is especially if you are buying a used one. Most people prefer tanks built over 70 years ago over newer versions.

They say it is because the older models were made of steel that was thicker than it is today.

Even If You Are Looking at Price When Buying Propane Tanks, You Need to Make Sure It Is of High Quality

The last thing you want is buying propane tanks that will not last, and that will put your family in danger.

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