How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Destroying the Wall

In the process of decorating your home, hanging up wall art and photos can be the craziest part. It may appear daunting and you can run the risk of ruining your walls in the process.

While part of the satisfaction behind this DIY project is the experience and accomplishment, this requires some proper planning.

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here are some steps on how to hang a picture or wall art without ruining your wall.

1. How to Hang a Picture: Plan Ahead

One key thing to note if you plan to hang something without destroying your wall is careful planning. You need to make the right measurements and placements before doing anything.

First, look for a spot where you’ll hang your frames. Once you have a good spot, make the most accurate measurements possible and make faint notes with a pencil.

Also, take note if there are studs available for you to use. One way to know if there is a stud behind the wall is with a dense, muffled sound when knocking. Otherwise, a hollow sound means that there’s no stud.

You can also get a stud finder or stud sensor to make the process easier. Once you spot a stud, that’s when you start drilling.

2. Use the Right Tools

Whether you spot a stud or not, you will need the right tools and materials for setting up a stable spot for your frames.

If you have studs that you can make use of, you can start using a power drill. After which, follow it up with a screw and you’re set.

How to hang a picture if there are no studs behind your wall? There are other ways that you can try out.

Among these would include the use of screw-in drywall anchors. Or you can also use expanding anchors or toggle bolts. Adhesive strips are open if you prefer an alternative that doesn’t involve drilling.

Remember to put into mind the type of wall that you are going to hang your frames onto. Keep in mind there are different nails and screws for wood panels and for concrete.

3. Mount When Ready

Once you have set up the hooks and pegs on the wall, test it out by hanging the frame. Align them and you should be all set. With the right tools fastened to your wall, it should look seamless and neat, with your photo or artwork looking majestic.

Hang Frames Without Worries Today!

Once you have the right preparation and tools, you will be able to hang your frames on any wall within your home. Take note of what you are hanging in terms of weight, as well as the type of wall you are working with. That’s all it takes when learning how to hang a picture without breaking the wall. 

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