Here Are 10 Office Interior Design Tips That Will Make Your Company The Best Place To Work!

Have you ever noticed that some businesses just can’t keep good employees? They might as well install a revolving door or give up and go out of business. 

Across the country, businesses of every size are struggling with employee retention. The average worker will work at more than 10 companies in the course of their lifetime, on a perpetual hunt for more perks and better pay.

So how can businesses create a more welcoming environment for their workers? Surprisingly, it could be as simple as improving their office interior design. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to optimize your office space, this article’s for you. We’ll help get you started with budget-friendly, long-lasting design improvements. 

1. Minimize Noise

The first step in renewing your office space design is to take a “noise audit.” Can your customers hear you clearly on the phone, or do they hear other conversations in the background?

If you have an open office, you may need to get noise-canceling headphones for your employees or provide teams with a more secluded place to meet.

2. Encourage Teamwork

If you only have formal conference rooms, consider installing more casual meeting rooms. You may find that team members work better if they can sit on couches and comfortable chairs. 

Another way to boost your teams’ productivity is to allow them to stand, walk around, and to take short breaks.

Make sure to check that your employees aren’t using their personal electronics during work hours, though. That could put a huge dent into your company’s goals.

3. Go Ergonomic

Is your office fully optimized for comfort? American businesses spend more than $50 billion each year on preventable injuries like neck and back strain. 

Ideally, your employees should have fully-adjustable chairs, sit/stand desks to encourage mobility, and split keyboards to avoid wrist injuries.

If you can, bring in an ergonomics expert to help your team adjust their chairs and computer monitors.

You may have a few employees who prefer standing desks, or who prefer to work sitting on couches. If they’re more productive like that, let them work according to their preferences. 

4. Use Natural Light

In general, any office layout can be improved by the addition of natural light. If you’re upgrading your windows and doors, try to enlarge your windows as much as possible. 

Surprisingly, employees consistently mention natural light as being one of their most desirable job perks

US Window & Door has a wide range of windows with smart touch locking and high-quality vinyl that looks like wood. Check their website for more info about incorporating natural light into your office design. 

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen

As you’re considering office design improvements, you might want to chat with your employees about your kitchen. 

Is it comfortable? Do they have enough room to store their lunches and drinks? 

Simply adding another fridge could increase your team’s happiness and satisfaction. Put in a few soft chairs and sofas to bring in a homey, comfortable feel.

6. Improve Seating Options

When architects and interior designers design office space, they may not include a wide variety of seating. Again, this is something to talk to your team about. Do they need more benches and tabletop space?

Would they like to have more couches in your casual meeting rooms? Seating is a simple fix, but one that could help welcome clients to your office. 

7. Start a Green Revolution

One of the easiest ways to make your office space more comfortable is to bring in some plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are companies that will come water your plants and trim them regularly. 

You can also plant a garden outside of your office. It’s a great conversation starter for clients who visit you onsite. 

Another way to go green is to recycle your old computer equipment. If you have old monitors and keyboards taking up space, it’s time to donate them. 

8. Clean Regularly

While you may have a cleaning crew that comes through weekly, it might be a good idea to have your team clean their personal areas every day. 

Just take the last 10 minutes of your workday to stand up, stretch, and give your desk a quick swipe. This can be a team-building exercise and allow your employees to end their days on a positive note. 

9. Shift to the Cloud

If you’re looking for ways to design an office with more meeting space, you may want to shift your data storage to the cloud. 

What that means is that you can reduce the amount of computer equipment you keep on-site, freeing up space that can be used for client meetings or other storage. 

Another benefit of cloud storage is that you have experts monitoring the safety and security of your data. 

10. Encourage Innovation

Another great way to foster teamwork is to put several whiteboards around your office. Let your teams use them for project management and for great ideas that come up during meetings. 

You might even want to award innovation with free lunches or financial incentives. It’s a good idea to shine the spotlight on employees who are successful with your clients. 

Office Interior Design on a Budget

If you’re planning to renew your office interior design but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you do have several options. 

First, take down heavy curtains that block natural light. Put in a few large plants and get a sofa into your break room. The sofa and the plants should come to less than $100, and your employees will see that you’re making progress. 

If you have a reception area, check and make sure that your magazines are current. Put in a few more plants and maybe some throw pillows. Again, not an expensive fix. 

Just keep making small improvements every month and talk to your employees about what they really want. They may not want new desks, but they may want the freedom to decorate their workspaces. 

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