Why and How to Give Out Your Employment Service Awards

The most important element in business is trust. When you have employees that have gone above and beyond to be trustworthy and provide service, they should be rewarded.

Employment service awards are good ways to show your employees that you care. Showing you appreciate their service through awards can mean the difference in whether someone continues to work with your company or goes to another job.

There are some best practices you should follow as you’re planning on how to give out the awards. Keep reading this article to learn how to make the best impact.

Employment Service Awards Best Practices

While you could simply hand the award over to your employees at their desks, that won’t make the most impact. A trophy or plaque doesn’t mean as much as how it’s given to them. Get some good ideas from these best practices.

Make It Clear Why People Get Awards

If no one is sure why they or someone else is getting an award, it doesn’t make the award special. Having a program that will allow people to strive to be an awardee is also a good incentive for people to work toward those criteria. Here are some ideas for what you can give awards out for below and you can learn more about on this useful page as well.

1. Longevity

If an employee has been around for a while, you should celebrate. It isn’t just a celebration for the employee, but you should pat yourself on the back for being able to retain an employee that long.

When a company is able to keep employees for a long period of time, they are often good at keeping employee engagement high. When employees are engaged with their work and the people there, it often means they will stay instead of going to the competition for a little longer paycheck.

Longevity doesn’t have to mean they hit 20 years in the company. Someone might only have been with your company for 5 years, but that is still a major achievement with the times we are living in.

2. Self Improvement

Self-improvement is another major reason for giving our awards. Maybe your company has a program that allows your employees to continue their education. If they’ve gone through one of these programs, you can give them an award to celebrate their completion.

3. Hitting Targets

We all want our employees to hit their targets and even go beyond what their targets are. When employees hit or surpass their targets, having an award to give them will show how thankful you are and will encourage more of the same activity.

4. Helping Others

Employees helping employees is a major win for a company. If you notice an employee going out of their way to help someone else, they deserve an award and recognition. If they are known for helping people on a regular basis, you need to make sure you note that it was not a once off thing.

5. Volunteering for Company Causes

When your employees get behind causes that your company cares about, that shows they are a team player. If they volunteer through work or if you find out they are volunteering on their own, you want to reward their selfless work.

How to Present Awards

Depending on your personality, presenting awards may be an exciting or scary thing for you. Whether you enjoy being in front of people or not, it’s easy to present these awards in a way that will make a long-lasting impact.

1. Get Their Name Right

If you don’t get their name right when giving the award, it can do more damage than good. Take time to make yourself familiar with the pronunciation of their name. If you need to use note cards, use them, but that makes it less special if you have to read their name.

2. Speak Clearly and Make Sure Everyone Hears

When people get awards, they are proud of themselves – and rightly so. Make sure you speak clearly or get a good mic so everyone can hear. Make sure no one is talking in the back and being disrespectful.

3. Have Someone That Works Directly With Them Say A Few Words

If you don’t know the person well, have someone that does know them to come up to say a few kind words about them. It doesn’t have to be something long or complicated but having something personal will make it an even more enjoyable experience.

Why You Should Give Service Awards

Giving service awards is an overall good practice. Service rewards show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Most people don’t get thanked in their lives so if you thank them; it’s highly unlikely they will ever leave to go anywhere else.

Another reason to give service awards is to give people kudos and credit they can talk about. If they are account managers, salespeople or anyone that deals with your customers, you want them to have accolades that your customers can respect and admire.

Any time you can give an award for a valid reason is a good time. Never give awards when they aren’t deserved, or you will make the people that do deserve them very upset and tarnish the awards system.

Awards should always be on top of their normal salary and any other compensation. You can choose whether you want them to be surprise awards or awards people can work to attain.

Learn More Business Tips and Tricks

While employment service awards are a great way to show appreciation, you still have to attract talent. We don’t leave you wondering how to get the people that deserve these awards.

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