Get Googled! The Many Advantages of Google for Small Business

More than 30 million businesses are active in the U.S. alone. 

Do you have a business but aren’t sure how to grow it? Don’t fret! Using Google for small business will help you reach new clients and build your following.

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How to Use Google for Small Business

A project called Get Your Business Online (GYBO) will allow you to establish your presence. Google has partnered with thousands of local organizations and cities.

Some resources help you build a website and a guide to using Google My Business.

What’s Google My Business?

There’s a lot of competition out there for small businesses. Google My Business will help you connect with customers throughout the popular search engine. Set up a Google+ page in order to be found via Search and Maps.

You’ll show up on the map in a google search. You can display contact details, directions, and your business opening hours.

Why Set Up a Google+ Page?

Customers will come back to your page for new updates. You can announce upcoming events, discounts, and special offers. Google+ pages allow contacts to remain connected when you share links.

You can also integrate followers and customers into your marketing campaigns. They’ll share your content and endorse your posts.

By having a Google+ page, your business will begin to rank high on Google search results. Customers can find your information faster when searching on their mobile devices.

Have fun by sharing content on Google. Anyone searching for your business will be able to access your posts. You can include videos, pictures, or GIFs. 

Reach Out with Google AdWords

Do you want to reach more customers? Make sure to advertise on Google. You’ll grow your business by boosting sales.

Small businesses should take advantage of Google’s reach with AdWords. It’s an easy-to-use cost-per-click (CPC) advertising platform.

With CPC, you only have to pay when people click on your ads. You can make a daily budget for each advertising campaign. Adjust these budgets as you need.

When using AdWords, you can create advertisements relevant for a Google search.

If you own a bicycle shop in New York, your ad might appear when someone searches for a bike shop in the area. It could also show up on bike-related websites.

You can change these ads at any time. AdWords provides you with analytics and reporting tools. This will allow you to track your ad performance in real-time. 

Google My Business Guide highlights the pros of listing a small business on Google.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article on Google for small business helpful. Take advantage of the many tools Google has to offer for companies. You’ll grow your reach and provide information for new and old customers alike.

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