Online Marketing Tips to Help Get Your Solar Panel Business Off the Ground

Solar energy is the third-highest renewable energy source used in the United States.

Solar panel installation is one of the most profitable business models in the renewable energy market, enjoying an annual average growth rate of 68 percent over the last ten years. That’s why newbie solar panel companies need to get a jump start on developing a strong online presence.

If you’re ready to launch your solar panel business, then this article is for you. Online marketing will be crucial to finding leads in an industry that’s expected to supply one-quarter of the world’s energy by 2050.

Read further for online marketing tips that can help you reach your worldwide markets!

What’s Online Marketing?

Online marketing means using digital media and the web to promote your services or products. Different web channels might include SEO, email, or social media to reach future customers.

You can use online marketing techniques to influence customers and clients on electronic devices (i.e., personal computers, mobile phones). You can also use online marketing on social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to reach potential clients.

Why Would You Need Online Marketing?

There’s an estimated 2 billion online customers around the world today. Roughly 77 percent of American adults own a smartphone. These customers are on their devices constantly and should be your prime market.

Online marketing can help you shape a strategy to find and reach your target markets. Once you know who your audience is you can engage and follow them through the buying cycle.

Another reason why you need online marketing is because your competition is using it too. Over 80 percent of small businesses use online marketing to market their services and goods. These entrepreneurs know that small business online marketing reaches more consumers at a cheaper price than traditional advertising methods.

What Can Online Marketing Do for You?

Here are just a few reasons why you should launch an online marketing campaign today:

Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness means how well your target customers recognize your products and services. Think of your brand as a personality that tells the story of what your company is all about. Online marketing can help you promote that story and receive feedback so that customers will come to trust you.

Retain Customers

Online marketing can help you build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. They will be less likely to search out your competitors if you keep them up to date on your products. Once they know and trust your name, they won’t hesitate to buy from you over and over again.

Monitor Results

Online marketing has many analytical tools you can use to measure and follow your campaign’s progress.

When you track these outcomes, you’ll know more about whether your marketing campaigns are reaching their goals or intended audience. You’ll have data that shows you where to grow your traffic or increase your conversion rate.

Reach Customers Day and Night

Online marketing doesn’t limit you to 9:00-5:00 operating hours. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The minute someone logs onto the web, they’ll see your campaign, regardless of any You also don’t need there is no regional or international time zone differences.

Online Marketing Tips-Create Your Strategy

An online presence is vital to helping potential customers find your business. Your first step is to establish this presence is to create an online marketing strategy.

An online or digital marketing strategy is your overall plan of action to achieve your company’s goals. Your strategy should spell out how you plan to reach consumers and which online marketing channels you plan to use. Some of these online channels include:

• Website design
• Blogs and articles
• Email marketing
• Search engine optimization
• Social media

Website Design

Online marketing starts with your company’s website that promotes your services and products. Think of your website as the ambassador for your company. Its format and design should make it easy for viewers to navigate and learn more about what you offer.

Blogs and Articles

Your website can also make you an expert in the field when you have informative articles on topics in your industry. Your solar panel website, for example, might include an online marketing blog discussing the advantages of renewable energy. Blogs can help drive traffic to your site and increase your presence in search engine results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns allow you to create direct and personalized communications based on your customer’s interests.

These campaigns help you build response rates from people who have specifically requested emails from you. Email marketing is scalable to reach either a general audience or a smaller focused list.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a way to increase traffic to your website by ranking high in online search results. SEO means infusing your website with words or phrases that match common search terms. When your website ranks high in a user’s search query, they’re more likely to open it because they feel it’s relevant.

Social Media

Social media describes the assortment of Web-based platforms that allow people to socialize with each other. Platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook can be an online form of word-of-mouth advertising.

When followers like or follow your social media channel, your company brand appears on these sites, exposing you to more potential customers.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to launch your solar panel business, your first step is to craft your online marketing strategy. Identify those online marketing channels that best suit your target audience.

Once your strategy is in place, it’s time to launch your company website. Be sure to include information on what solar solutions you offer and how to reach you. Your website’s design should have the power to convert visitors into buyers.

If all of these steps seem overwhelming, you can also hire digital marketing agencies. They can help find the best online solutions to make your solar panel business stand out above the rest.

For more helpful online marketing tips, don’t forget to check our website. We’re here to help make your business shine!