What to Look for in a Great Digital Marketing Agency

Is your business in need of a digital marketing agency? If you’re shopping for an agency, you should know, not all of them are created equal.

Before you decide to hire a digital marketing agency, you must know whether or not it fits the criteria.

In this article, we’ll help you narrow down the process so you pick the best one to fit the needs of your business.

Take a Look at Their Website

If you need to decide on a digital marketing agency but you have lots of choices, look no further than their website.

Digital marketing agencies can’t expect you to trust them with your site when theirs isn’t up to par. Try a few things to give them a test run.

For example, is their site easy to navigate? Does the website look outdated? How long did it take for it to load?

Perform a search on Google and see how long it takes for you to find the agency. If you can find it without a problem, it means they’re doing something right and that is the type of digital agency you want in your corner.

If you’re not impressed by their website, they might not be the right agency for you.

Current on SEO Trends

The goal when you hire a digital marketing agency is for your business to develop a bigger online presence. One way to do so is by getting a grasp and navigating SEO like a pro.

SEO changes constantly and digital marketing agencies need to keep up if they want to keep delivering to their clients.

A digital marketing agency has to be able not only to understand SEO but dominate it. When you meet with the agency, even if you don’t know a lot about SEO, ask them plenty of questions on the subject.

For example, how have they helped their clients achieve results? What SEO strategy will they use on your site based on what they’ve seen?

Asking the right questions will give you an idea of their SEO knowledge.


Before you hire a marketing agency, you have to make sure they’ll be able to communicate with you properly.

Most professional agencies know how to deliver the work you hire them to do, but will they pay enough attention to what you’re saying.

The best digital marketing agencies will share with you their ideas and the strategy they think is best, but they will also be flexible to what your desires are.

Will they allow you to tell your story in the best way possible, or will they push their ideas on you. When a digital marketing agency puts your ideas as a priority, they’ll be able to work and brainstorm with you to make an idea into a reality.

Make Sure They Deliver Results

A great digital marketing agency will continue to deliver results. Creating a one-time marketing plan, leaving it alone, and continue to expect results is not a feasible plan.

If you saw some results in the beginning stages of the marketing campaign, they should be able to continue the pattern.

They can’t expect them to launch the campaign and sit back and watch the results. For instance, Google changes its SEO algorithm constantly, so if your marketing agency is not paying attention, you could be losing organic traffic.

The same is true for content, while great content is always expected, your marketing agency should be able to decide what’s trendy at the moment and find a way to help you keep up with the competition.

They Have the Team

One of the reasons why you might go to a digital marketing agency is because your business might not be able to afford to hire the talent necessary.

You should pick an agency that prides itself on hiring top talent. In fact, they should have it all displayed on their website.

Ask questions about the people who will be working on your team and what their credentials are.

What Tool to They Use

No doubt there are many tools out there to make digital marketing more efficient. You will want to find out which tools they will use to manage your marketing campaign.

For example, do they use Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Hubspot, Moz, and many other tools? If they do, have them explain to you how each of these tools will help your marketing campaign.

The use of these tools provides necessary metrics to measure the success of your campaign.

Experience in the Field

When deciding on a digital marketing agency for your business, experience matters.

You should take a look at their portfolio and see what kinds of projects they have worked on.

It’s important for you to see they have worked with businesses similar to yours and they understand the needs of each industry.

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Does Their Culture Match Yours?

If your business has a more casual attitude, the last thing you want to do is hire a marketing agency that has a stuffy culture and doesn’t match yours.

And since they’ll be working closely with you and your team, you want to make sure it’s a good match.

Ask yourself if your business and the marketing agency have similar working styles. If you enjoy and look forward to meeting with them it will be a great working relationship.

Check Some References

Before you hire a digital marketing agency, it’s a good idea to check the references to see what others are saying?

You can ask them to get you connected to their former clients to learn first hand what they had to say.

And you can’t forget about word of mouth. Ask your business colleagues if they have a digital marketing agency to recommend to you.

Hiring The Best Digital Marketing Agency

A great digital marketing agency to fit your needs might be difficult to find, but following these tips can help you in the process.

Remember to take a look at their website, check their references, and ensure they’re current on SEO trends.

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