5 Ways to Find the Best Dispensary In Your Area

We’re living in an exciting time for marijuana legalization. When you live in a country where 62% of people approve of legalization, you can bet that you could see dispensaries opening in your state in the next few years.

Marijuana may not be legal everywhere now, but it’s already legal in quite a few states. People may be curious about trying marijuana, but they aren’t sure how to find it.

It’s not as easy as doing a Google search for a dispensary then just heading over. People are going to want to find the best dispensary in their area.

Whether you’re new to marijuana and live in a legalized state or are traveling to a state with legal marijuana, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know the find an awesome dispensary.

5 Ways To Find the Best Dispensary

It’s important to note that all dispensaries aren’t the same. Some states may have laws that say they can only sell you a certain amount at a time. There could also be laws stating that you can’t use substances there.

Finding a good dispensary is going to largely come down to preference. Regardless of what you’re interested in, if you follow these five tips you’ll find a dispensary that can suit your needs.

Compare prices

Marijuana isn’t cheap, and in many places it’s considered a luxury good. Thanks to the already high price and state and local taxes, you may end up paying a good amount for your marijuana.

Look around online to compare prices. See which places in your area offer the best deals. Some may have discounts for first-time customers you can take advantage of.

Consider Distribution Methods

There’s more than one way to enjoy marijuana. A lot of people think about going down the traditional route of smoking, but you have options available.

You may want to use a vaporizer and need oil and tinctures. Some may want to skip smoking altogether and go to a place that specializes in edibles. Others may want a place that specializes in selling products with high amounts of CBD.

Some dispensaries may just offer marijuana flower, and others like Cheebas Dispensary may offer a variety of different marijuana products.

Think about the way you’d prefer to use marijuana, and go with a store that specializes in that method.

Study Review Sites

If you were thinking of trying a new restaurant or going with a new plumber, you’d probably go online to check out reviews before you commit to anything. You should apply that same logic to shopping for marijuana.

Take a look at sites like Yelp to see what other people are saying. Pay special attention to what they say about customer service and quality to see if you’ve found a place you’re interested in patronizing.

Think About Location

Marijuana may be legal, but some people still have some negative opinions about it.

You may not be comfortable with coworkers or your boss seeing you leave a liquor store with a cart full of alcohol, and you may feel the same way about running into a work friend outside of a dispensary.

Consider finding a dispensary that’s a little out of the way for you. Going somewhere that isn’t close to work or home can be helpful.

Consider Benefits

A marijuana dispensary is like any other business. They may offer incentives and deals to some of their loyal customers.

Some dispensaries have teamed up with other local professionals to offer a variety of services. You could find a place that offers yoga classes, acupuncture, or massages.

Something as simple as a smoking lounge where you can enjoy your purchase and socialize with other people can be a nice benefit.

Go From THC to CBD

Now that you know how to find the best dispensary, it’s time to learn a little bit more about the products they could sell.

We mentioned CBD oil a bit earlier in this article. CBD oil is very different from THC, but it still has a variety of health benefits you could be interested in. Check out our post on choosing CBD oil for health purposes.