Here’s How You Can Afford a Private Jet Trip

When you think of a private jet, what comes to mind?

If you picture an opulent plane with staff that caters to your every need, you’re not alone. That’s why most people think only the one percenters can afford to fly private — after all, it can cost anywhere from $700,000 to $4 million a year to run a plane!

There will always be sky high prices for private travel, but chances are you can actually afford a private flight for a fraction of the cost above.

Ready to learn how? Find the best deals with the three easy tips below.

1. Find An Empty Leg

Finding an empty leg on a private jet is kind of like flying standby on a commercial flight. Only in this case, you can travel in style.

Sometimes private jets have an empty return trip to their home airport. That would be one expensive flight, though, so most charter companies sell seats on the plane at a huge discount.

If you know where to look, you can find out when a jet has an empty leg and book yourself a seat.

Check for deals on social media, but stay vigilant! News is usually posted last minute, so you need to have alerts turned on to make sure you see the opportunities ASAP.

You do need to be flexible for this option to work. Since deals can be posted at any time — and potentially at odd hours of the day — you’ll need a pretty clear schedule to hop on that jet.

2. Use A Public Charter

A public charter is like the price of commercial combined with the luxuries of private travel.

Public charter companies usually offer private terminals, a private ground experience (no long security lines!), and airport lounges with complimentary food and drinks. On the flight, you’d have first-class amenities and personalized service.

The catch? Unlike a jet that you own, public charter flights have a daily schedule, so you can’t choose when you want to leave on a whim.

Still, for more budget-conscious travelers who want the private experience, public charter companies could be the perfect option.

3. Work With Private Jet Charter Companies

Finally, if you have a bit more money to spend on a flight, but still not enough to buy yourself a plane, you can work with a private charter company.

Private charter companies are more expensive, but they also offer the best flexibility and the best service. These companies will let you rent an entire plane on a flight by flight basis.

Want to fly private from Phoenix to Los Angeles? Just pick up the phone and ask to learn more about the options they have available.

Once you’ve booked your flight, you can look forward to chauffeur services, catering, zero hassle with TSA, and a flight all to yourself. Or a few friends, if you want to take a group along with you.

Private flights aren’t just for millionaires. With the advice above, you can find a way to afford a flight on a private jet, even if you only have a few hundred dollars to spare!

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