5 Smart Tips for Getting Your Roofing Business the Exposure it Needs

So you run a roofing business, and you’re the best roofers in your area. But that doesn’t count for much if nobody’s heard of you.

You need to get your brand recognized. How do you do that? By exposure, of course!

If your business is struggling to get the reach it needs to be truly successful, then check out our list of 5 smart tips for getting your roofing business the exposure it needs.

1. Brand Your Roofing Business

First impressions are important.

Make sure your business looks as good as it can — on paper, online and out on the street.

Think about roofing logo ideas, then start branding your website, your vehicles, and even your work shirts.

If art and design aren’t your strong suit, check out our guide to creating a logo for your small business.

2. Update Your Website

Once you have a great brand and you’ve got your website up and running — don’t forget to keep it updated.

It’s easy to forget when you’re busy running your roofing business. But keeping your website up to date with news, blog posts, and special offers will show your customers you’re on the ball.

Creating a professional online presence for your business is also essential to keep one step ahead of your rival businesses. This allows you to target customers before they do.

If you need some help making your website really stand out from the crowd and target the customers you want to reach, then check out our guide: What Makes a Great Website?

3. Use Social Media

With over 2 billion social media network users worldwide, every business should be using social media to reach out to customers.

Develop your social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by linking from your website and your personal social media profiles.

Make your posts fun, so your followers will share your posts and attract new followers.

And don’t forget to use plenty of visuals. What could be better advertising for your roofing business than pictures of the great job your team has done?

4. Use Your Reviews

Before any customer decides to use your roofing business, they’re almost certainly going to check for reviews online.

It’s estimated that nearly 90% of people trust online reviews more than word of mouth recommendations. So you need to make sure those reviews are working for you.

Make sure you make the most of your positive reviews by:

  • Quoting them on your website
  • Linking to positive reviews on other sites
  • Asking satisfied customers to write online reviews

Future customers are more likely to choose your roofing business if they can see feedback from other satisfied clients.

5. Talk to People

Even with all these useful tips for digital marketing and social media, don’t forget to keep talking to people. Word of mouth is still important and a great way to get referrals to your roofing business.

Ask your clients and other stakeholders how they think your business is doing and listen to their response. Asking for feedback may feel like a scary thing to do, but you need to know what people are saying about your business.

If you are confident you’re the best roofers in town, then the feedback is going to be great!

Now Get Out There!

Now you’ve read some tips for increasing the exposure for your roofing business. You’re now better prepared, so go out and put them to practice!

Don’t forget to keep checking our free online business resources.