4 Ways to Improve Your Medical Clinic

Did you know there are over 5,000 hospitals and clinics in the United States?

With numbers like these, clinics should work towards continuous improvement when it comes to the patient experience.

Are you looking for tips on how to improve your medical clinic? Keep reading below to learn about four invaluable tips to make it happen.

1. Work on Patient Flow

Patient flow will impact a patient’s decision to come back to your medical clinic. This means that you need to take a close look at your entire process.

Start with step one: scheduling an appointment.

Can patients do this online, or do they have to call in? When patients arrive, are they appropriately greeted and checked in?

Assess how long patients typically spend in a waiting room, how much time a doctor spends with them, and how your check out process works. Unhappy patients will ultimately find other clinics.

Consider a feedback survey so your patients can give input based on their experiences.

Additionally, part of achieving the best possible patient flow is having adequate internal databases. If you cannot keep track of patient information, you will not be able to serve them well.

2. Good Communication is Part of a Successful Medical Clinic

Communication will make or break your clinic. It requires more than just listening and talking with patients and staff.

Lay out clear, specific expectations for every staff member. Make sure to provide regular feedback for both good and bad performance. This will ensure all staff members maintain high levels of service to your patients.

3. Understand and Work with your Patients’ Insurance Plans

Insurance is how many of your patients can afford your services. It’s also part of how you will receive payment. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to understand how to bill different insurance companies.

This will involve insurance verification. Being clear with patients about whether or not you accept their plan will prevent them from receiving an unexpected medical bill.

You should also get familiar with how different insurances code things, and how to follow-up with claims.

Some patients may also be involved with a Proactive Health Management Plan. Be sure to get all of their information so you can properly bill all appropriate parties.

4. Improve your Budget

A proper budget will lead to a successful medical clinic. Office supplies can make up a large part of your budget. Wherever possible, reuse and recycle anything you can.

Another high budget item for clinics is medical supplies.

Buy these as needed. Buying in bulk is tempting, but many items have strict expiration dates. If you buy in bulk and let items expire, it may end up costing you even more money.

Part of managing your budget involves receiving payment for services provided. If your office does not consistently get paid on time, consider bringing a medical billing service into the office.

Wrapping It All Up

Now, you have four practical ways to improve your medical clinic.

Take these ideas, assess your office, and go start making changes that will leave your patients thankful they chose you.

Make this the year you get the most out of your budget, boost employee morale, and see more patients than ever walking through your doors.

Let us know in the comments what strategies you plan to implement, and keep checking back with our blog for more invaluable tips.


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