Pipe Up: Your Guide to How to Hire a Plumber

There are almost half a million people working as plumbers in the U.S. today. So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a plumber in your area the next time you need one.

Before you hire a plumber, though, it’s important for you to make sure they’re the right plumber for the job you need to be completed. The last thing you want to do is hire someone that’s not cut out to finish your plumbing project.

Check out a quick guide to picking out the best plumber below.

Ask Neighbors for Recommendations

Chances are, you’re not the first person in your neighborhood to need a plumber as of late.

Ask around and see which of your other neighbors have had to hire a plumber recently. Find out what their experiences were like and if they would recommend the plumber they used.

You can start generating a list of possible plumbers simply by speaking with a handful of neighbors you trust.

Read Online Reviews for Plumbers

After you’re done asking your neighbors for assistance, utilize the internet to see what you can find out about local plumbers.

The internet has made it easier than ever to read reviews people have left for different plumbers. In just 10 or 15 minutes, you can scroll through dozens of reviews for plumbers in your area.

Use these reviews to narrow down your search.

See Which Plumbers Offer the Services You Need

Do you know that you likely need to have a specific service done by a plumber? Maybe you need a drain cleared or boiler repair in Southampton.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to see which plumbers can actually provide the services you need. Some plumbers specialize in certain services and not others.

You’ll probably be able to cross a few plumbers off your list simply because they can’t set you up with the service you need.

Check to See If Plumbers Are Licensed and Insured

This is extremely important, so pay attention!

If you come across a plumber that can’t provide you with proof of a business license and/or business insurance, run as fast as you can. They are not the right plumber for you.

A reputable plumber will gladly show you a license and insurance to put your mind at ease. You’re asking for trouble if you attempt to work with a plumber without one or the other.

Get a Written Estimate From Several Plumbers

Before you make your final decision and hire a plumber over all the others, get quotes from the options left on your list.

Quotes will allow you to see how much each plumber would charge you for their services. They’ll also provide a full breakdown of the services you would receive.

By pitting different plumbers up against one another, you can get access to the best prices possible.

Use All This Information to Hire a Plumber Today

At this point, you should be ready to hire a plumber to perform services at your home.

Bring them on board and explain exactly what you need them to do again. They should be able to make plumbing repairs in your home in no time.

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