Why Have a Pest Expert Inspect Your Potential New Home?

A new home is not just a place to live — it’s an investment in your future.

Most people expect that owning a home will help build wealth over time. You want that home to be a safe place for you, your friends and your family.

Finding out after closing that you have a pest problem is something you want to avoid, for some very important reasons.

Let’s explore why it’s in your best interest as a homeowner to hire a pest expert.

1) You Don’t Want to¬†Overpay

During negotiations for your new home, you’ll have a home inspection. This will allow you to identify any things that you want the seller to fix. If they can’t fix it, then you may need to negotiate a reduction in the price to compensate.

A full extermination could cost you over $1000. That doesn’t include the cost to repair damage, which could run in the 10’s of thousands.

Insect damage or infestations aren’t always apparent to a home inspector who isn’t also a pest expert. That’s why many home inspectors recommend a separate pest inspection.

If you don’t know about this damage or infestation, you could pay too much for your new home.

2) Sell It For More Than You Paid for It

The sellers may be completely unaware that they have termites or that they bought a home that once had termites. They feel very justified in the selling price. And you could unwittingly pay it.

Years down the road when it’s time for you to sell, the potential buyer may decide to hire a pest expert. If this expert finds damage, it can depreciate the value of the home. Now, you end up getting less than what you originally paid and you will lose money.

3) Protect Those Most Important to You

You wouldn’t move into a home with walls covered in mold.

If you knew you had termites, you’d buy the best termite spray, right? If you knew roaches were making your family sick, you’d get rid of them right away. You’d do it because you care about the health and safety of your family.

Rodents, spiders, roaches, carpenter ants, earwigs, fleas — they can all cause potential harm to your family. You don’t want to unknowingly move your family into a dangerous situation.

It’s much easier to get rid of pests before you move in.

4) Because You Want to Know What You Don’t Know

Staying up at night wondering what could be hidden under the floorboards and in the walls is no fun.

We could say all day that there’s nothing to be afraid of. But in some parts of the country, as many as 40% of untreated homes are infested with pests.

Don’t be one of them. Get a pest expert before closing so all your concerns are properly addressed.

5) A Pest Expert Gives You Peace of Mind

Hiring an expert will give you the peace of mind that you’re making the right decision for you, your family and your future.

Would you add anything to our list of reasons? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below.


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