How to Find Unique Wedding Venues (That Won’t Break the Bank)

You just got engaged, you’ve slipped that ring on your finger, and now the best part is starting to plan! You start looking at dream locations and delicious cakes.

You begin picturing your flowers and what your wedding party will wear. Then it hits you. The cold hard fact that the average wedding now costs an astounding $28,427. That’s for an average wedding! 

Panicking? No need to worry. We got you covered with some amazing and unique wedding venues that will make your big day incredible without breaking your budget.

Unique Wedding Venues For A Uniquely Low Cost

Love Movies? Get Hitched In Front of The Big Screen

A lovely way to host an intimate ceremony and unique reception is to get married in a movie theatre. You can rent spaces for way less than other venues and you get a fun, all inclusive, atmosphere.

Say your vows in front of the screen and then hand out popcorn and candy to watch your favorite movie with all of your friends after.

Wedding Chapels Aren’t Just for Churches Anymore

More and more fun, everything included, Las Vegas style wedding chapels, are popping up all over the country. They provide the ceremony, an officiant, flowers, photos, the works for a very cheap and cheerful price.

Bring your crew in their finest, get hitched quick and get on with the honeymoon!

Opt for Natural Beauty and A Very Low Pricetag

Where can you get amazing vistas, breathtaking sunsets, awe-inspiring mountainsides, all for little to no money? Out in nature of course!

Some of the best unique wedding venues aren’t created but found. Consider having your ceremony on a gorgeous beach. Go out to your favorite lookout in the local national park.

Public beaches and parks only require that you get the proper permits required.

Dream of getting married in Colorado but don’t have the portfolio of a ski bunny? The Rocky Mountain State Park gives you a ceremony with the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop for a mere $200 permit.

Be Open Minded To Save Big Bucks

Lots of unique wedding venues are out there if you are willing to think outside the box and keep an open mind. By using resources to search for a variety of businesses in your area you can picture places differently.

Think about what makes you unique as a couple and what can set your wedding apart. Your favorite restaurant, concert venue, arcade, or nightclub could all be potentially amazing, unique wedding venues that keep costs minimal.

Wondering if that cool record shop down the street would rent you their space? Search for them here to get all of their contact info and reach out to them with your unique wedding vision.

Did you create your dream wedding on a shoestring budget? How did you solve some of your budget crises? Where was your ceremony? Please comment below and share your story.


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