10 Major Ways Business Phone Systems Improve Communication

Good communication is essential to a successful business. Employees and company leaders need to have good, constant communication going, or the business just won’t work.

While internal communication is essential, it’s got to happen between the business and the consumer, too. So how can you make that happen?

One way to improve communication among employee and business-consumer relationships alike is to implement a great business phone system.

How do business phone systems improve communication? Keep reading to find out. We’ve compiled 10 things that’ll help you decide if a business phone system is right for your company.

1. Online Phone Systems Decrease Clutter

Communication is hindered when clutter abounds, so it’s best to keep that stuff at bay. You may not want to have a phone at every desk. If not, you’ve got other options.

Cloud-based phone service allows for an effective business phone system that doesn’t take up any space. You’ll get lots of perks, like unlimited calls, but you won’t have to worry about setting up a bunch of equipment.

When cluttered isn’t in the way, communication can be front and center, both internally and with customers.

2. Quick Access

Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to figure out how to reach a co-worker who isn’t near your desk. A business phone system helps eliminate that since it provides a number for each employee.

To make things even simpler, you’ll only need to remember the last four digits of each number, since the first three numbers will be the same for everyone. Keep a directory of those last four digits for each employee and you’ll be able to reach anyone you want within seconds.

3. Easy Transfers

You’ll probably encounter situations where someone is better suited to answer your caller’s questions. If that’s the case, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to send the caller to the right person. You’ll be able to do it right within your phone system.

That ability to transfer calls helps communication because it helps everyone talk to the person that can help them the best.

4. Provide an Aura of Professionalism

If internal and external communications don’t feel professional, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Having a business phone system helps with that.

Customers who call in will see that you’ve taken the time to invest in a professional system, and they’ll appreciate it. They’ll trust your company more when they feel it’s professional.

Keeping a professional attitude can help enhance internal communications as well.

5. Email Integration

Having an integrated phone and email system can really make a difference when it comes to communication. The need for note taking will be totally eliminated.

Why’s that? Because your calls can be automatically transcribed and sent to you via email! This provides smoother, more efficient communication all around.

6. Greater Privacy

Do you conduct business calls from a personal cell phone? If you do, your customers may be uncomfortable. Give them the knowledge that their information is safe and secure by setting up a business phone system for them to call.

There are certain policies you’ll have to follow as a company. Allowing business to occur over person cell lines may compromise those policies. Protect your employees, business, and customers by providing the security offered by a dedicated business phone system.

7. Professional Caller ID

If your company calls customers or potential customers, the people on the receiving end will want to know who’s calling. Your business phone system can provide a business caller ID.

Let your customers know who’s calling–they’ll appreciate it. Starting off on the right foot is always good for effective conversation.

8. Elimination of Fees

If your employees are worried about incurring costs to make conference calls, they probably won’t make those calls often enough. Setting up a phone system for your business will eliminate this issue. Since employees won’t be worried about any additional cost, they’ll be more likely to communicate more frequently.

9. Get the Info You Need Upfront

If you need to access customer accounts to provide the services your callers tend to need, your phone system can help relieve some of the hassle. While your customer is waiting to connect with you, have them provide their account information.

You can do this right within your phone system. By the time the call is connected, you’ll already know who you’re talking to and have access to their account and history. This allows the customer to get right to the reason they called.

10. Improve Call Quality

If your employees are all taking calls on personal phones, who knows what phone service each one is using. To eliminate potentially low-quality calls, have every employee on the same service.

Providing a business-wide phone system allows you to make sure every call will have the highest quality. Better quality phone calls means better communication and happier customers.

Nobody likes dropped calls in regular life. Think of how much worse it would be to have a call dropped in a business conversation. Customers wouldn’t like that, so be sure to provide them with the best.

The Benefits of Business Phone Systems are Endless

Better communication is only one of the many benefits that business phone systems have to offer. So if you’re not taking advantage, you’re missing out.

Provide for high-quality communication between employees and customers by having a solid, safe phone system in place. Doing so will enhance communication and happiness all around, so you can only gain by doing it.

Over-the-phone conversations are great. So are face to face interactions. Improve your customer relations in your shop by reading up on these helpful tips.