9 Tips for Choosing Different Types of Business Signs

Gone are the days of hanging out your shingle declaring you are open for business. Picking the right sign for your business is as important as the business itself. It needs to reflect you and your brand.

In truth, you will have more than one type of sign. You will have one for the storefront, something else in the window and another again for in-store promotions. With so many types of business signs, how do you decide?

Here we are looking at the main store sign.

Popular Types of Business Signs

The sign you choose for your business not only needs to suit your service but your neighborhood, as well. You want to stand out and be noticed without going over the top.

1. Awning

This is a popular choice for displaying your sign. It hangs out off the building, usually over the entrance and acts as a shelter, as well. You can make it square, rounded or get more adventurous.

There is the option of having your name on just the front or on the sides. You can also have a logo, contact or other graphics on the smaller sides. These work well, as they are easily seen from close and across the street.

2. Glass

You can have your door painted if you are in an office building. There are painted glass signs that are framed and mounted on the wall or outside the building.

There is the option of etched glass, clear glass, colored or tinted glass and frosted, for a classy look. Add lights to a mounted sign on your building to stand out from your competition.

3. Neon

Also known as LED, these are perfect for businesses open in the evening. They are popular with restaurants, hotels and any business that needs to be seen after regular hours. These can be used for the business name, open signs, related graphics and so much more.

These signs can be easily individualized for your business and are not expensive. One of the most popular types of signs, you can have them inside and out for the ultimate effect.

4. Individual Cut Letters

These are letters or graphics that are custom made and mounted on the storefront or wall. These can be done in any font, color or design you like and any size. You can also get them in various materials.

Just picking the right font can be very effective for setting a tone with your brand. Perfect for small business or larger storefronts, check out this company for ideas or a quote.

5. Projecting Sign

Often mounted over the door, these signs stick out to be seen from traffic coming and going past. These are great for keeping your options open. You can have them in your choice of material and colors.

Made of wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, framed, on chains from a bar and any have your name, logo and more. These can light up, be made to look old-fashioned and even be cut out to allow sunlight through.

6. Lightbulb Signs

Box signs with lightbulbs inside or a sign with rows of lightbulbs outside are still popular and look great. Like an old movie marquee sign, they add a touch of class and nostalgia.

These are great for barber shops as well as stores selling fun and more personal items like lingerie, makeup or food. You can choose wattage to set the mood and even use colors. Flashing bulbs grab attention.

7. A-Frame

An A-Frame or sandwich board sign is great when placed in front of your entrance. You can use them to display sales, specials, new products or just to entice sidewalk traffic.

Use a chalkboard to write your own messages such as daily specials in your cafe or retail discounts. There are A-frame signs with interchangeable lettering to announce new arrivals and sales.

These are extremely versatile and available at a very low cost. You can change them every day and by using a personal message, your customers will come to look forward to them. You can also use it in conjunction with your online marketing.

8. Vehicle

Don’t forget about your vehicles. If you use a van for deliveries or your business car for client calls and appointments, use that space. You can get vehicle wraps, magnetic signs and have your brand painted on.

The potential of expanding your reach increases by just being stuck in traffic. You never know who will see your vehicle throughout the day. It pays for itself and is non-aggressive advertising.

It’s another low-cost way of marketing that has great potential. Even if you only drive to work and back, the use of a magnetic sign on your door is powerful. You have a blank canvas so use it.

9. Cut Metal

Metal signs look great and they are durable. Get your address, your name or logo etched into metal for a classic, solid look. Mounted on the wall, in the entryway to the business center or above the door.

Include cutouts of your product for added brand recognition. These signs look great hanging above the door, on a post or in combination with the building to emphasize the letters.

Give Us a Sign

When considering the types of business signs, find something that reflects you and your brand. Using your logo in your sign reinforces your brand. Consistency in using signage with all other marketing tools is smart business.

Recognition is half the battle. If your signage is also on display with your business cards, your social media, and your website, it builds trust. People are more likely to buy from a company they have seen or heard of before.

Choose your signage wisely. Size, color, and material matter. People have associations with certain things that make your brand more relatable. If you need a few tips on your website content, please continue reading here.