10 Life Hacks for Parents That Will Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Parenting is a difficult task for everyone. It’s a combination of keeping them safe and alive while still giving them their best life.

There are, however, certain things that you can do to relieve yourself of some of the parenting pressure.

Here are 10 life hacks for parents that’ll make everyday tasks easier.

1. Use Vinegar for Burns

Put vinegar on a paper towel and apply it to your child’s burn. This will start to ease the pain and stop future blistering.

2. Create a Reward Sheet System

Tackle bad behavior by starting a reward sheet. Give them a sticker or a small reward every time they do good whether that is chores, sleeping through the night, or even doing their homework.

After four small rewards, they can choose a big reward (coloring books, dolls, bubbles).

3. Keep a Spray Bottle in Your Car

We have all felt the scorching heat that comes off of a seat belt after sitting in the sun all day.

To avoid burns, keep a spray bottle full of water in the car to cool off the seat belt for touching it.

4. Use Rubber Bands to Keep Doors Unlocked

Little ones have a habit of locking themselves inside rooms.

To prevent this, try putting a rubber band around one doorknob then twist and hook the band around the other doorknob.

5. No Mess Painting is One of the Top Life Hacks for Parents

Kids love to craft and paint but always end up making a huge mess that you have to clean up. Put three drops of paint into a plastic bag. Your children can squish the paint around inside the bag without getting a drop onto your kitchen table!

6. Make the Trampoline Safer

Cut up pool noodles to the size of the springs on your trampoline. Next, place the pieces of pool noodles along the metal springs and rim of the trampoline.

If your kids end up falling and hitting the metal now, the pool noodles will soften the blow.

This will help you worry less knowing your little ones are safer while having fun.

7. Use Baking Soda for Splinters

To reduce the pain and make taking out a splinter easier, create the simple paste by combining baking soda and water. Apply that to the area with the splinter in it, and it will start to push out the splinter.

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8. Put Tape on Your Nail Clippers

Family nail clipping time can create a little bit of a mess of your house.

Cut a piece of tape the length of your clippers and stick it on the inside of the clippers. This way when you start to cut your kids nails, the clippings end up stuck to the tape instead of all over your floor.

9. Help During Teething

Use an ice cube tray to freeze milk, water or juice around the babies pacifier. This will help soothe those aching gums and make baby happy again.

10. Limit Soap Amounts

Kids tend to use a lot of soap. To limit how much soap comes out of the soap bottle, twist a rubber band around the pump of the soap.

Make Your Life Easier

These life hacks for parents have the ability to your everyday life easier as parents. All these hacks also are quick and easy to implement.

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