Office Supplies Checklist: 5 Office Supplies You Should Always Have on Hand

Imagine this: There’s an important business document you need to print out but your printer hits you with the dreaded “Out of Paper” message.

You spend 30 minutes rummaging around the office for printer paper until you find a sheet, albeit a crinkled one. Moments after letting out a sigh of relief, you realize that your printer ink cartridge is empty. What follows is an expletive-filled car ride to the office supply store.

If you want to avoid a scenario like the one above, you need to put together an office supplies checklist.

Americans are no strangers to buying office products. In fact, we spend roughly $16 billion a year on office supplies–and for good reason! Having the right supplies helps ensure your office runs without a hitch.

Let’s find out what items need to be at the top of your office supplies list.

1. Sticky Notes

Who knew something discovered by accident in the 70’s would continue to be an office staple in 2018?

Outside of the office, you can place sticky notes on someone’s back and laugh while they fail to notice it. In the office, however, sticky notes are great for everything from brainstorming ideas to writing reminders.

2. Everyday Writing Utensils

The average pencil writes about 45k words before it runs out of graphite. Unless you take a lot of handwritten notes, you won’t need to buy many pencils.

That said, pencils aren’t the only writing tools you should have around the office. Most colored pens are unnecessary, but blue and black are a must for signing documents. Highlighters work well for correcting mistakes, and you can use permanent markers when labeling files.

3. Paper

Even if you’re a freelance digital marketer working in a home office, you’re going to need plenty of paper.

Use the printer often? Make sure you always have a few boxes of blank white A4 sheets on hand. It’s also a good idea to store some ruled paper near your desk in case you need to jot down information.

4. Printer Ink Cartridges

One liter of printer ink will run you about $5.5k, which is more than the cost of 25 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. It’s unlikely that a small office will go through that much printer ink in a year, but a larger office can exceed that amount.

To save money, buy the cartridges in bulk online. Winc office supplies, for example, has a price match guarantee, and they also offer free delivery for orders above $55.

5. Clips and Fasteners

Without tools like paper clips, binder clips, staples, and tape, your office will end up looking more like a paper mill. This is why it’s important to stock up on these items every few months.

Keep in mind that clips and fasteners will also come in handy when putting together packets of documents for meetings.

Finalizing Your Office Supplies Checklist

You don’t want to clutter your office with too many supplies, as doing so can put a damper on productivity. However, some items are necessary for an office to function at its best.

To reduce clutter, invest in a hole punch and binders with index dividers. Getting a few filing cabinets will help you keep everything organized as well.

Now that you have your office supplies checklist in order, want to learn how you can get your office to run even more smoothly? If so, be sure to check out our list of must-have tech gadgets for business owners!