4 Questions to Ask Nursing Home Prospects

While the idea of nursing home care may not be a popular one for a frail loved one, 24-7 full-time care from family members is not always practical.

The reality is that nursing homes are designed to provide expert care, around the clock, ensuring your loved ones are well looked after.

Given that choosing the best nursing home for your loved one is a big decision, thorough research must be done before a decision is made.

If you’re wondering where to start, here are a few important questions to ask nursing home prospects…

Top Questions to Ask Nursing Home Prospects

Whether your loved one is simply too frail to live alone or suffers from some form of illness, their wishes must be discussed with them clearly.

It’s important to acknowledge their preferences during retirement home planning. This will help to avoid feelings of abandonment or resentment.

However, if cognitive impairment does not allow them to fully grasp the reality of the situation, you may need to make decisions on their behalf.

With this in mind, here the top 4 questions to ask potential nursing homes:

1. How Convenient is Your Location?

Ok, so this is not so much a question you’d directly ask a nursing home, but it’s more a personal consideration to keep in mind.

The location of the nursing home is one of your most important considerations. This is because you may need to visit frequently, especially in the first few months.

Driving an hour out-of-town may not be practical and can rack up some serious fuel costs. You’ll also want the nursing home nearby so other family members can visit frequently in order to share this responsibility.

2. What Range of Services is Offered?

While most nursing homes offer long-term care, do they offer specialized services such as frail care or dementia care services? It’s crucial to establish whether a nursing home will be able to offer the full scope of support your loved one needs.

Aside from this, will their range of services add to the quality of life of your loved one?

Important services to consider include meal and dining experiences, specialized health care, dementia or Alzheimer’s care and rehabilitation care.

3. What Range of Staff Members is Offered?

The staff members at any nursing home make or break your loved one’s live-in experience. After all, they are the ones ensuring their safety, comfort, and levels of happiness.

Don’t be afraid to ask what the staff turnover is like if there’s a good morale among staff and the level of experience among staff members.

Do a little research on whether the nursing home hires staff with skilled nursing care and look at records of misconduct or negligence.

4. What is the Range of Independence?

Making the transition from independent living to live-in care can be extremely daunting and confusing for many seniors. Many seniors are often highly resistant to this transition for fear of losing their independence.

This is why it’s important to establish whether they will still have some form of independence, even if they are offered live-in care 24-7.

Establish whether they can still make decisions about their meals, free time, the shows they watch, their hobbies and level of socialization.

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