Why it Might Be Time to Consider Hiring a Home Nurse

Roughly 50 million people living in the United States are over the age of 65.

That number, which is steadily growing, sheds light on the amount of Americans who may be in need of extra assistance. If you have a loved one who is elderly and is either suffering from ailments or just needs a helping hand, balancing giving them the support they need in addition to your other obligations can be stressful.

If you’re finding it hard or impossible to walk the tightrope of being an elderly loved one’s go-to support, it may be time to hire a home nurse to help.

Home nurses can provide your family with a wide variety of benefits that can improve everyone’s quality of life. If you’re unsure if a home nurse is right for you, keep reading to understand more about who they are and what they can do!

What is a Home Nurse?

Home nurses are certified medical professionals. They typically are either RNs (registered nurses) or LPNs (licensed practical nurses).

They are well trained in providing both topical medical care and everyday assistance to senior citizens. They provide these services in the comfort of a senior’s home as opposed to in a traditional hospital setting.

What Services Do Home Nurses Provide?

Home nurses provide a wide variety of services which can be helpful to you and your loved ones. They can administer medications, give injections and offer recommendations when deeper levels of medical treatment are required.

They can also help with daily activities. This includes assistance with eating, movement around one’s home, grooming, bathing, getting dressed, using the restroom, and more.

While a home nurse is typically used to assist seniors, they are also fully capable of assisting young people with chronic illnesses that require round the clock care.

What’s the Difference Between a Nurse and a Caregiver?

When considering bringing on a nurse for one’s home, many inevitably end up reading about caregivers. Caregivers are a good choice for those who are just interested in general help.

This general help can include cooking, feeding, showering, dressing, etc. General help does not include anything related to medical treatment.

So, if your loved one needs to be overseen by a medical professional for treatment administration or simply for well-being purposes, you’ll want to seek out a nurse over a caregiver.

What Can a Home Nurse Bring to Your Life?

A nurse working within the home of your elderly loved one can provide them with services that are essential to their day to day lives. Beyond that, a nurse can also provide you with a tremendous amount of value.

For starters, if your loved one is doing well then you’re doing well. There’s no price you can put on the peace of mind that comes with the person you love having around the clock medical supervision in the comfort of their home.

Next, a nurse helping you with the cumbersome duty of caring for an elderly loved one means more time back in your day. You can spend that extra time giving yourself the attention you deserve or reinvesting yourself back in your children, husband, wife, etc.

Finally, a nurse can restore you and the elderly person in your life’s relationship. Let’s face it, it can be stressful managing the day to day well-being of another person. That stress can cause strain on your relationship.

If you’ve found yourself longing to shed your duty as a care provider and wanting to go back to being an elderly person’s son, daughter, relative or friend, bringing on an in-home nurse can make that longing a reality.

What Costs Are Associated with Having a Nurse in a Home?

The cost of having a nurse in the home of your loved one can vary from medical provider to medical provider. The good news is that with many health insurance plans, having nurse support in-home may be covered.

Be sure to ask the insurance provider of your loved one if in-home treatment is covered on their existing plan. If so, be sure to seek out in-home services from a medical provider like Landmark Health that accepts insurance to avoid unexpected bills down the line.

Is It Time?

Now that you know more about what having a nurse in-home can mean for you and your loved one, is it time to bring one on?

Only you can answer that question. Our recommendation is that if you’re strained for time managing the responsibilities of caring for a loved one and feel that the person in your life who needs help deserves undivided, professional attention, it’s well worth exploring your options and trying to bring on home nurse services.

Summarizing The Benefits of Having In-Home Nursing Services

Managing the well being of an elderly or sick loved one can cause strain on your time, your relationships and the quality of care your loved one is receiving.

To help improve both of your lives, you should consider bringing on a home nurse.

Nurses who work in-home can provide timely medical treatment to your loved ones. They can also help them with tasks ranging from eating to dressing and beyond.

This level of help will allow your loved one to stay in their home for a longer period of time and enhance the quality of their life. It will also have a profound effect on the quality of your life as well!

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